Our fertilization program takes the guesswork out of understanding how, when, why, how often, and how much fertilizer to apply on our customers’ lawns. What kind of fertilizer to choose, what nutrient ratios, and brands are all questions the average homeowner or lawn mowing business does not know answers to.

Careful selection of proper fertilizers, timing, proper applications, and the agronomy behind plant nutrition are all reasons to select a professional to provide a comprehensive program for your lawn.

NO Weed and Feed!

We don’t use any weed and feed products. Weed and feed products are harmful to the environment, children, pets, and anyone that spends much time on the lawn. Also, weed and feed products can harm nearby trees, shrubs, flowers, and plants. These products are also not recommended due to the mode of action of the weed control. Since the fertilizer needs of the lawn may differ from the pesticide needs, it is difficult to strike a perfect balance that is both environmentally safe and effective at the same time.

We use all granular fertilizers, which are by far the best choice for our area, and liquid weed control, which is safer and more effective.

Benefits to our lawn fertilization include:

  1. Increased color and consistency of a thick, healthy lawn.
  2. Increased resistance to pests such as weeds, insects, and lawn diseases.
  3. Experienced, professional lawn technicians trained to identify potential problems. Providing feedback helpful to the homeowner.
  4. Guaranteed Weed Control for broadleaf weeds including dandelions, thistles, and dozens others.

Don’t hire anyone but a trained and licensed lawn pesticide professional to fertilize and treat weeds on your lawn. Only hire people that demonstrate they have a genuine understanding of how a lawn should be fed and sprayed.

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