Fertilizing and Weed Control

Our fertilization program takes out the guesswork. Careful selection of fertilizer, knowing application rates, and the best time to apply are all reasons to select a qualified, licensed professional.

For the past several years, we have incorporated a very unique, one-time application fertilizer. It’s a product that we apply once in the spring and it continuously feeds your lawn for 6 months resulting in a thick and rich green lawn. Throughout the rest of the season, our visits concentrate on spraying weeds.
Therefore, you will see a flag when the one-time application is applied in the spring and for each follow-up when we spray for weeds. Our big expense is upfront but we spread it out for you which is why we require a six month commitment.

Benefits to our lawn fertilization include:

  1. Increased color and consistency of a thick, healthy lawn.
  2. Healthy lawn results in resistance to pests such as weeds, insects, and lawn diseases.
  3. Guaranteed Weed Control for broadleaf weeds including dandelions, thistles and many more. We will spray for these as needed
  4. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY, after the fertilizer is absorbed into the soil, it cannot run off into our waters.
  5. Experienced, licensed technicians with knowledge to properly apply fertilizer, treat weeds in your lawn and identify potential areas of improvement will provide helpful feedback.


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