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August 2015

How to Do Foreclosure Clean Ups

August 14, 2015 // no comments

Foreclosures are rampant right now all over the U.S. especially in states like Florida, Michigan, and South Carolina. While many real estate attorneys and realtors right now are fighting to stay alive, many janitors and residential and commercial cleaners are becoming wealthy from clean ups.
Foreclosure cleaning isn’t necessarily as easy as it sounds. You really do have to do your dirty work…

DALY: Answering your questions about aerating lawns, oak worms and blueberries

August 12, 2015 // no comments

DALY: Answering your questions about aerating lawns, oak worms and blueberries
#Question: My bermudagrass lawn has areas that have thin grass and overall it does not appear as attractive as it did a couple of years ago. I contacted a lawn care company, and they suggested that I have the lawn aerated. What exactly is aeration and …

Wait, maybe you…

Patch Perfect Grass Seed

August 8, 2015 // no comments

When I moved in to my new home the condition of the lawn was horrible. It was definitely the worst on the block. The condition of the grass was so bad that one of the neighbors came over to say hello after we first moved in and mentioned that they hoped that we were going to do something about the yard. I assured them that we were not willing to accept the current condition of your lawn and…

What Insects Are The Most Common Cause of Skin Disease in Dogs?

August 4, 2015 // no comments

It is that time of the year again when those pesky little virtually invisible insects sharpen their teeth to begin their rampage on our dogs. They have been waiting to begin their breeding explosion and cause unbearable irritation to both pets and humans.
These are pests that feed on your dog by using soft, warm fur as a natural environment for breeding.  These insects feed on the blood of…

Fertilizer Lawn Alert

August 2, 2015 // no comments

Peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, bedding plants like tuberous begonias and geraniums, which are all tender warm weather vegetables, can be planted now in areas south of Chicago and Cleverland latitude.  You should wait a week or two if your are in areas farther north.
Though these plants could possibly tolerate the cooler temperatures of earlier planting, they would be exposed to sever…

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