Fall Lawn Care Program Step #1

September 26, 2015 // 25 comments

Here’s the first step of my Fall Lawn Recovery program. This can be completed in later August or early September in most areas of the midwest. The key is bei…
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In cool weather, perhaps more than ever, the lawn needs your attention. This video is part of Gardening by the Yard show hosted by Paul James . SHOW…

Chiropractic Tips for Raking Fall Leaves

July 12, 2015 // no comments

‘Tis the season of effervescent colors on the trees and procrastinating thoughts of the rake in the shed. After the beauty of the bright oranges, magnificent reds, and rolling yellows disappears from the trees, it’s time to stop procrastinating and grab the rake.
Raking is an invigorating connection to nature for many people; for others, it is merely a chore. Either way, raking is indeed a…

Organic Lawn Tips For Fall

July 3, 2015 // no comments

Organic lawn care is not just limited to summer, it is important to continue lawn maintenance into fall to ensure a healthy green lawn in spring. Applying fall organic fertilizer, proper mowing, and seeding can help keep grass green through winter and prepare it for dormancy.
Following these five organic lawn tips in the fall can save time and in the spring time.
1. Rake – Whether you use an…

Tips on Spring and Fall in Organic Lawn Care

April 30, 2015 // no comments

These days people have been moving over to organic lawn care programs from the more traditional forms of lawn care programs. This is partially due to them being fearful of the use of harmful chemicals that have been used in traditional fertilizing systems. The use of organic lawn care programs is the alternative that many choose to do either on their own or through the services of organic…

Lawns Top Fall Planting List

February 14, 2015 // no comments

Too many people in the North believe that lawn making is mainly a springtime activity and not many know that late summer is a very good time to come to the aid of an established lawn or build a new one. The weather is ideal for grass seed germination starting early in August in the far North and a week later for each hundred miles southward.
Mid-August is a good time to sow grass seed in t…

Spring to Fall 2011

December 15, 2014 // no comments

One definite trend with regard to handbags, that was really seen in the 2011 Spring Fashion Weeks, was color.  Colors were evident with regard to the fashion collections for clothes, but also with regard to handbags.  It s almost like a salute to the end of the economic downturn and instead of hiding our wealth away and trying not to be too ostentatious, instead, we now want to show off t…

Latest Fall Lawn News

November 19, 2014 // no comments

Complete guide for Red Sox 2015 Spring Training
Of course, as much as Bogaerts's defense will fall in the spotlight, the Sox are willing to commit to him at short because they believe he has elite offensive potential at that position. That was evident in a couple stretches of 2014, but his season …
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Woman Blames Mall Owners, Restaurant for…

Checklist for fall garden and landscape care

September 24, 2014 // no comments

Checklist for fall garden and landscape care
Fall fertilization provides the greatest benefit to your lawn and gives you the best value for the time and money invested. Those in cooler … Those in warmer climates growing centipede, Bermuda and zoysia should also fertilize around Labor Day …
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Master Gardeners Teach Luscious Lawn Alternatives
… offer a…

Smart tips to make fall lawn care easier

September 22, 2014 // no comments

Smart tips to make fall lawn care easier
Leaves can smother your lawn if enough of them build up, preventing sunlight from reaching the grass and increasing the chances of lawn disease. Collecting the leaves in bags allows your lawn to breathe and receive proper sunlight. The average cost to …

Reseeding keeps The Green in top shape
DOVER — Fall is finally…

Fall tree and shrub work

September 2, 2014 // no comments

Fall tree and shrub work
Fruit trees and bushes should be taken care of like a young tree with tree wraps, mulching and watering — but with one addition. "For fruit trees the biggest thing you want to protect them from is those little rascally rabbits," said John Sjolinder …
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16 Curb Appeal – Tree and shrub removal
A tree can be a…

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