Tips on Spring and Fall in Organic Lawn Care

These days people have been moving over to organic lawn care programs from the more traditional forms of lawn care programs. This is partially due to them being fearful of the use of harmful chemicals that have been used in traditional fertilizing systems. The use of organic lawn care programs is the alternative that many choose to do either on their own or through the services of organic lawn care companies. Whichever you choose to follow, these organic lawn care programs actually do not deviate much from the traditional forms of lawn care, they are simply just more environmentally friendly, provide long term health to the lawns, and provides effective results.

Soil And Blades

The use of organic lawn care programs focuses on the two periods of the year where it is necessary to ensure that the lawns are healthy. This is in the spring and fall seasons, where the lawn needs to be cut to lower levels compared to the summer season where the lawn grass is kept between three inches to three and a half inches long which helps in the reduction of weed growth and in addition provides the ability to produce stronger roots. During the early fall and spring seasons the lawn is cut down to about two inches high during the winter, this is to prevent the growth of fungus which is less likely to grow on the shorter blades. During the early spring season, the tops of the blades are cut even further to remove any fungus that may have grown on the lawn during the winter months.

Furthermore the use of organic lawn care programs emphasize that the soil health be check and monitored using soil test kits, available in most garden supply stores, during the early fall and spring seasons. The use of these kits allows you to determine what nutrients if any are missing within the soil and will thus allow you to buy the necessary organic fertilizer that will add the nutrients into the soil. By doing this task in the spring season, it allows the lawn to be set with the needed nutrients to grow throughout the summer. Doing it in during early fall provides the lawn with the ability for the roots to be nourished and become stronger during the winter months so that come spring the growth will be even better.

Other recommendations from organic lawn care programs are the use of a mulching lawn mower, which actually cuts up the lawn clippings into much finer pieces and this particular method ensures that grass clippings are used more effectively. The mulch will be scattered from the lawn mower all over the lawn and this provides a good supply of nutrients that the soil needs and thus a stronger and healthier lawn. You have to ensure though that the blades of the mower are always sharp in addition to the lawn not being mowed when it is wet, doing this will ensure that the cut on the grass is clean and not ragged. Having ragged grass tends to promote the growth of fungus and are susceptible to disease which will damage the health of the lawn.

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