Tree and Shrub Care

It’s almost like having your very own gardener. A trusted professional who is dedicated to caring for your trees and shrubs. Professionals will only apply the best treatments at the right times, ensuring their continual growth and development. Tree and Shrub Care specialists take the time to inspect your plants and treat them using the highest quality products available, protecting and beautifying your landscape investment.

Trimming – Let us trim up those overgrown shrubs and clean up your landscape. Timed properly, pruning and thinning creates strong, healthy plants that improve the look of your property. Professional pruning equipment is used and all brush is removed from the property.

  • Encourages flowering
  • Attractive garden form
  • Creates dense hedges
  • Control plant size
  • Removes unwanted branches & suckers
  • Renew overgrown plants

Deep root feeding – Our deep root fertilization targets the root of the plants for optimal absorption and maximum results. Being proactive by taking care of your plants health results in plants less prone to disease and pests.

Disease control – Diseases like Anthracnose, Powdery Mildew, Leaf Spot, along with many other funguses can cause unsightly scars or decay and loss of leaves on woody plants. If your trees or shrubs are showing signs of disease or just aren’t looking as healthy as they should, contact us for a free inspection.

Evergreen protective spray – This is applied in the late fall to evergreen trees and shrubs. It coats the foliage with a thin layer of an organic sealant to help the plants resist the drying winter winds and helps to conserve the moisture vital to their good health.