Landscape Services

Landscape Install & Remodeling

We will work with you to pick out the right plants for the right place around your property. We only use quality plants, shrubs, and trees from nurseries such as Bachmans, Gertens, and Tonkadale.gardener_100614_09

As properties mature, sun and shade conditions change and the original plants may need replacing or moving because they don’t get enough sun or they become overgrown and sparse. When we re-design a landscape, we work with you to come up with a plan that makes the most sense for your property and your budget. We can re-design a small or big area or just fill in plants where needed so that your landscape makes sense and looks complete.


Landscape Lighting

We have been sprucing up properties with lighting for over 10 years. Whether you choose a rather elaborate design thH2B833SZwith lights all around the property, lighting for curb appeal or lighting for security, we have a variety of products to meet your needs. We also offer service calls on all types of landscape lighting from trouble shooting electrical problems to regular bulb replacement and maintenance.


Mulch is used for a variety of reasons. It keeps moisture around your plants, it decomposes to provide nutrients for the soil, and gives a finished look to the landscape. With a variety of colors and styles to choose from, we can determine what works best for you and your budget. We can do a top coat every year providing a fresh look each year or a thicker, 2-3” coat when installing new mulch.


We will control weeds by pulling and carefully spraying as needed in landscape areas and around plants (please see the fertilizer page regarding weeds in the turf).

Brush Removal & Spraying

Over time, landscapes and property edges can get crowded with tree or brush seedlings, vines and other intrusive plants. We will remove wild plants and brush so that your plants, shrubs and trees are healthier and the beauty of your property is enhanced. This is a very beneficial service for keeping wooded areas attractive and controlling invasive species such as Buckthorne.


Perennial Plant Care

Weekly or bi-weekly plant care in landscaped areas to keep plants healthy and looking their best. We will carefully apply products and recommend treatments for animals, insects, and diseases as they arise. Monitoring plant needs such as water and fertilizer will also enhance the health and beauty of your property.

pernnial care