Patch Perfect Grass Seed

When I moved in to my new home the condition of the lawn was horrible. It was definitely the worst on the block. The condition of the grass was so bad that one of the neighbors came over to say hello after we first moved in and mentioned that they hoped that we were going to do something about the yard. I assured them that we were not willing to accept the current condition of your lawn and we most definitely would be doing something to improve it.

We tried different grass seed and nothing would grow in certain parts of the yard. We would do everything that we were supposed to do and just could not get anything to grow. One day a friend came over to see the house and we began to talk about the lawn and told him how we had tried to get the grass to grow there but it just wasn’t working. That is when he suggested that we try Patch Perfect Grass Seed. We got the information from him and decided that we would give it a try, it couldn’t hurt.

When we got the Patch Perfect Grass Seed we were surprised at how it seemed as though you could just spread it around the yard and you were supposed to forget about it and not do anything special. We spread the seed around the yard as we were supposed to. It wasn’t very long at all before we began to notice grass sprouting up all around the yard in the places that we previously weren’t able to grow any grass. We were absolutely amazed at how fast it grew in! Now we no longer have the worst looking lawn on the block. In fact, we have one of the nicest looking lawns in the entire neighborhood!

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