Caring For Lawns In Spring

July 10, 2015 // no comments

As winter comes to an end, the job of caring for your lawn starts with some careful observation. If you’ve had a particularly harsh winter, spring is the ideal to take a good look at the condition of your lawn and improve its health to encourage vibrant new growth in time for summer. Ensure that your lawn is clear of any loose twigs and leaves that may have built up over the winter months,…

Landscape Cornerstones – Caring For Shrubs and Hedges

December 29, 2014 // no comments

Flowering shrubs are roughly of two types, those which should be pruned in the spring and those which should be pruned after blooming.
Shrubs like Mock orange, Tartarian Honeysuckle and Van Houttei Spirea bloom in the spring and they should not be pruned until after blooming. Later flowering shrubs such as Hydrangea should be spring pruned to shape up the plant and encourage new growth on…

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