2013: A Year of Gardening on the Cheap

One of my goals when I started this channel earlier this year was to show that you can grow a lot of food without spending much money. Our biological approac…
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Gardeners World - The Science of Gardening

Gardeners World – The Science of Gardening Carol Klein invites us into her garden to unearth the science beneath the muck and magic of gardening. Carol has b…

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CaliKim29 Garden & Home DIY —

Great use of all your resources, Patrick! I’m sure the value of the food
your produced from your garden far outweighed what you spent on it –
especially considering its all organic! Very impressive that you can spend
so little and get so much!

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Dale Calder —

I just don’t want to know what I spend. LOL Garden catalogs and garden
centres are my addiction. 

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Brock Hughes —

Well done bro I thoroughly enjoyed the video! The squash looked awesome :)

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Rob Bob —

Great effort.. Keeping track of costs here is something we should do more
of I think just to keep an eye on things..
Here’s to a frugal yet productive 2014 for you all :)

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Selle Yambao —

I really appreciate how well you accounted for your expenses. I wanted to
do that before, but when I think about how I enjoy gardening, I decided
that it’s all worth it. :)

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Stephen Legaree —

I have been working on the same goal of cost recovery/savings on my outdoor
garden. With my recent expansions of my garden space I was able to use
recycled material and built my own compost based soils. It has been working
fairly well. Unfortunately there are a few more projects outside that will
likely push my cost recovery into 2015 but it is a great goal! My indoor
garden is a far cry from cost recovery however I feel it is a good way to
help keep me balanced and is way cheaper then therapy :) I used one of the
tricks I learnt from your videos on this weeks episode :) it is uploading
tonight and should be ready tomorrow. I’d love to see if you pick it out !
As always thanks for posting ! 

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Wayne Meador —

*Want To Garden Easy And Cheap?*

*You need to follow my friend Patrick at **+OneYardRevolution**.* He
methodologically breaks down all of his videos into easy manageable
instructions that are simple for anybody to pick up. He is a great guy and
is always willing to help you with any issues you may have, whether a
master gardener or novice.

*Do You Currently Garden?*

#gardening #growingfood #vegetablegarden 

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David Trees —

Fantastic. Really pleased to witness your garden adventures. I hope you all
had a brilliant Christmas Season and have a Happy New year. Cheers David.

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McDowall Manor —

Nice work mate. If I could be bold, I’d say, “Don’t confuse cost with
investment.” Cost is what you spend things used up in production: like
seeds, sprays etc. Investments are way different. They are things like
your bio-char chimney and sprayer. Think of them as an asset rather than a
cost. While they do cost you money (mostly), they are boosting your
production. They sit on the positive side of your ledger not the negative
side (although technically, for an accountant, the cash outlay sits on the
negative side so it tends to offset to zero). I reckon if you removed your
investments from your general costs, you’d be shocked – especially if you
put an offset value on the food you are producing. And hell, what about
the fun? How do you put a money value on that? Keep up the fantastic work

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RaceDayVids —

Thanks again sir

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Elyse Joseph —

I’m pretty sure also that the food you harvested saved you more than your
expenses! And a lot of what you bought are long term items (oh my, looking
for my words again lol). So overall you did great!

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Southpaw Davey —

I think the benefits outway the the costs but I do like cheap. :-)

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memberson —


You do an outstanding job of only a garden. I saw a couple things I’m maybe
able to help you with. As far as lowering cost I had an issue with slugs
eating my strawberries. That is no longer an issue I started collecting my
neighbors wood ashes during the winter I sprinkle wood ash around it the
perimeter of the strawberries. No more slugs. Total cost zero dollars, on
the subject of insects you can plant certain types of flowers that will
attract beneficial insects to control the insects that eating your plants
and then just step back and let them do their job., Or another option is to
use a soap mixture made at your home with garlic and hot sauce this will
also control insects, or control use a vinegar and water mixture vinegar
must be at least 10% vinegar added to a sprayer and you can control your
weeds, with out adding a harmful chemical to you garden. I hope that this
helps keep up the good work.

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marthale7 —

The way I justify it, is monsanto, and the price of organic produce, and
the peace of mind of knowing where my food came from and how it was
tended. Health is worth the cost.

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OneYardRevolution —

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conservativetothecor —

Thanks for sending me the link to the light fixture. My mom taught me how
to wire a lamp when I was young. Just a matter of figuring out how to made
that lamp like yours. Just needed to know if it basically would take a
regular lamp fixture. Thanks again. 

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Joe Feser —

How does the backpack sprayer work?

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Caleb Trevorrow —

I wish my plants would grow like yours. I live in sand country (Central
Wisconsin) and I am just starting to grow my own vegetables and flowers. I
love every minute of it. I just started growing them from seeds, using old
egg cartons for starter pots, or butter containers. Right now I have about
80 plants growing, and a bunch of chives growing. I want to get my garden
going where I don’t have to buy much to keep them healthy. Great video and
awesome channel. Thanks for posting and keep up the good work.

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Patrick, I totally enjoy your type of gardening on a budget. I think there
are MANY gardeners that give you a ‘thumbs up’ on not spending outrageous
amounts of money on organic fertilizers & other soil amendments. I do
believe ‘natural’ forms of fertilizing and building a great soil is best.
Thank you for always telling us what a product costs. Most of us don’t have
bottomless pockets of money. Thank you for helping us ‘One Yard At A
Time’. Good luck in 2014. I’ll be watching. Smiles, Lark

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SuzannaGreenthumb —

very great channel! I subscribed through MIgardeners sidebar thingy.

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Suzanne Ramoundos —

Hahahahaha…GoodLluck. Chalk up expenses to learning experiences. There
seems to be a direct relationship to not wanting spend and having to. But,
the quality of food you can provide yourself is priceless. Thanks for the
update. Happy New Year…wishing you continued success. Paul and Suzanne

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Frank M —

Nice job Patrick wish I had that least amount of expenses. Mine went
through the roof last year, with the shed purchase over 7K, many new raised
beds, 5 fruit trees, etc. etc. Should be much better this year, but still
plan to improve a lot, chicken coop, winter greenhouse, more raised beds,
and more plants and fruit trees, hopefully I will get a video camera and
start showing my progress on you tube like most of you nice people. All the
best for the New Year to you and family.

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Noud te Riele —

Thanks. Wish you a fertile inspiring 2014.

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Hans Quistorff —

I thought I would share how I made my inexpensive greenhouse. I was able to
salvage 6 sets of sliding glass doors that my father had installed in the
houses he built in the 1970s. They were single pane aluminum frame. I also
salvaged the car port post beams and rafters and the fiberglass/resin
roofing. Another resource 4 foot wide roles of carpet and padding. All
of this can be scrounged or purchased from a recycler. I had to get this
up fast the first fall on the farm so I reassembled the car port with the
long side facing south and fastened the sliders to the south and west
sides, The morning sun dose not reach the greenhouse so the east and north
sides are covered with layers of white carpet the padding and old tarps.
Varying amounts of the east and north walls can be rolled op for
ventilation in the summer.
I hope that gives you some Ideas for your grow house. Eventually I hope to
rebuild with a rocket mass heater.

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Cyndy W —

I see you are in an area where you have to deal with snow. I’m just
wondering where? No need for specifics. I live in northern, lower
Michigan, so I’m just curious as to how your area compares.

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RaceDayVids —


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CheapskateGardener —

your yard is my garden dream , well done

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Smiley Heather —

Carol makes me so happy :) she’s always so positive!

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London Hydroponics —

“Gardening combines science and art” – perfect! Check out hydroponics for
the science of year-round gardening….

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Babyplants —

Great stuff as always Carol
#fantastic #gardener 

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boland191 —


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Gehenna71 —

Dress code: Correct. Education: wrong.

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Edward Goldsborough —

Very enthusiastic and informative,a lot to learn from Carol,thanks a great

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Joe A —

I love Carol. She’s a little goofy live, but her enthusiasm is infectious.

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alex loud —

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bowler8 —

I wondered why she was planting seeds fresh without drying in her program
“Life in a cottage garden”

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Monkeyhead75 —

eh? Anyway who cares what trousers theyve got on ffs. Very informative
thanks for upload :)

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bowler8 —

But isn’t freezing seeds make them wet again?

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MegaLexie16 —

Why would you wear a suit and good clothes to garden in that will
inevitably get dirty though ? and I know plenty of them that have got a
very good education :)

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Edward Goldsborough —

Can-not play videos is the issue with Adobe or who/what/where is

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censored6x —

my deck container ‘garden’ looks like a plant casualty ward in a war. each
plant looks in different stages of terminal illness. they come her to die

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lifeisallalboutbalan —

fun to match, informative and brought in a genuine enthusiastic way. Ty

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tehjamez —


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rickster348 —

omg, I feel like a bit of tea with the queen mum.

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ramennkidd —

She’s so enthusiastic! She makes it very enjoyable to watch!

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Roger Keulen —

Thanx for sharing.

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nery colon —

Great video. I can tell you love gardening and that is great. I love it
too. Thanks for sharing.

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MrDarwin2466 —

I miss subtitle!

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Gehenna71 —

Well, head gardeners do but they also wear aprons.

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Wontzki Player —

Nice movie :) try on if you want to find more awesome
garden stuff :)

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