A Backyard Compost Bin is Like Natures Soil Builder

Gardeners everywhere proclaim the benefits of using their backyard compost bin. That is especially true for those gardeners who have the best looking backyards around. Composting bins have been used for as long as there have been gardens, even those times before the term was even known. Farmers and those individuals who feed the world or their families have always known that the secret to fine gardening is as simple as turning waste into dirt.


You can see the effects of a backyard composting bin every time you take a look at a forest floor. While you will neither find a backyard or a bin in any forest unless there are human residents there, the effects are still demonstrated by what goes on there. Leaves fall off trees and land on the ground, and limbs also fall off trees and fall to the ground. Sometimes even old trees fall to the ground. Other vegetation grows and dies and lands on the ground. Insects and worms begin to gnaw on the dead leaves and trees and dead bugs and animals.


Talk about composting bins, a forest is the very essence of a backyard composting bin. The thicker the forest, the moister the forest is and the faster the compost becomes soil. That is what is happening when vegetation dies; it is recycled into new earth.


When you use a backyard compost bin you are able to take all that garbage that most people either throw away in a trash bin, or place into the garbage disposal and send it into the sewer, and working magic just like nature does. You are turning it into something useful. This brand new earth has more natural nutrition in it than any kind of fertilizer. It is also in a form that can be better used by your plants.


Did you ever take a good look at a natural gardener’s plant life around their home? If you have you have noticed that the plants look healthier than most others. That is because in using composting bins the gardener is able to give their gardens what nature gives its own, natural nutrients specifically made for them.


When compost is added to soil, it does a number of things, most of them depending on the type of soil it is added to. Clay soil tends to pack together tightly making it difficult for plant roots to breathe and grow. Sandy soil loses moisture quickly and has little for the roots to hang onto. Compost adds that much needed structure to tightly packed clay soil to allow the roots to room to provide the support and nutrition that is needed for great looking and producing vegetable gardens. In sandy soil the humus holds needed moisture as well as much needed strength for the growth of plants.


The next time you think about your garden, remember that a good backyard compost bin will make all the difference in the world for making yours the best garden in your neighborhood.

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