Aerate and Overseed

Aeration and Overseeding will get the best results in Pennsylvania when completed sometime in September or October. See the full post here http://www.wisegra…

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Boobletown Bobby —

Real fucking annoying and a sloppy job to boot

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John Rambo —

This is why you don’t hire people to do this stuff. This guy is totally
lazy, did not do it right. Cut every corner possible. He did not even bring
in a topdressing to get good soil/seed contact. He just aerated and then
agitated the thatch and threw down seed. This is how NOT to do it. Poor

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John Rambo —

That lawn is jacked up. There’s NO WAY your method worked. There was no
soil/seed contact. That is why you never showed the results. FAILED. 

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rdoray22 —

There will be soil to seed contact with barely any grass there….also if
you cut the grass low enough at the right time of the year you won’t have
to worry about burning out your lawn when you overseed. Top dressing is
always good to throwing over the seed lightly so you ensure soil/seed
contact…then you can use some starter to get it going.

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basscase440 —

was that a “J-roc” reference at the end?

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RumbleTouchDroid —

lol you look like harland williams

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arbornomics —

It’s interesting in how the best times to aerate lawns can be determined by
the geographic location. There are some areas that it’s better to aerate
earlier such as in March or April.

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Tabby Sullivan —

thankyou that was a big help,

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speway —

I was looking forward to that before and after pic of this job. 😉

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builditontherock —

Thanks a lot man this was very helpful.

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walkermowers1 —

that drought was bad here in jersey

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bosdarb —

This video is useless without a before and after. You said we’ll take a
before and after and show you how we did. YOU DIDN’T!

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snnnoopy —

Set 1 – Oct 30? lol..bummer. If you only knew how many times customers
complain that their dry, sandy, dusty dirt didn’t produce plugs, lol

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Emmanuel Gonzalez —

thank you sir looks simple

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