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Five percent of all car fatalities occur because an individual did not employ proper car maintenance. What is not realized is that simple car maintenance is simple and will extend the life of a car. Hiring St Louis auto repair ensures that a professional mechanic will look over the car and take care of any problems, checkups, and maintenance.

Under-inflated tires are known for decreasing fuel efficiency. Car damage will occur if tires are either under-inflated or over-inflated. It is therefore important to check tire pressure regularly.

Fluid levels need to be inspected every few months by an auto repair mechanic from St. Louis. This includes antifreeze and windshield washer fluid. Because they enable full car functionality, these liquids should never get to low, dangerous levels. These can be checked when a car is serviced. Most cars need servicing every few thousand miles. Tire pressure and fluids are not only examines, but also oil and filters.

During routine checkups, also have the engine looked at and regularly tuned. Individuals need to have the suspension and shock absorbers checked. Overloading a car, for example, can cause damages to these. Have the chassis lubricated often to maintain overall suspension function.

Overall performance is dictated by many car parts. If one part does not work correctly, it puts the entire car at risk. Parts needing regular checks include engine belts, windshield wiper blades, air filtration system, turn signals, headlights and taillights.

Every few months, take your car to St. Louis Auto Repair to have the fluid levels examined, including windshield washer fluid and antifreeze. The liquids should not be taken for granted as they maintain the life of the car. Service your car frequently, often between every 3,000 and 4,000 miles. It is during this time not only will fluids and tire pressure be checked, but also the oil levels and filter.

Overloading a car can cause damage to the shock absorbers and suspension. The chassis of your car needs to be lubricated frequently to maintain the function of the suspension system. The engine also requires to be checked and tuned regularly.

There are many parts of a car that facilitates its overall performance. If a part is not working properly, it can cause damage to the entire car. Have the different parts regularly checked; this includes the windshield wiper blades, air filtration system, turn signals, taillights and headlights, and engine belts.

It is up to the individual how they plan to treat their car. Avoiding necessary maintenance details will cause a car to break down easily, costing the owner hundreds of dollars in repairs that could have been avoided. The professionals at St. Louis auto repair have the right tools to ensure car safety.

Car treatment lies in the hands of the car owner. Not having the car properly maintained is the source of most car troubles and reasons why a car will easily breakdown. Hundreds of dollars spend on repairs can be avoided if individuals follow the car maintenance tips from St. Louis auto repair.

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