Best Time To Seed The Lawn? Planting Grass Seed – Timing

When is the best time to seed the lawn, spring or fall? In this video, I talk about the best time to plant fresh grass seed in your lawn. Also check out: How…

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TMoutdoor —

Great, succinct video man. Just the info I needed

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Jim Murdock —

I was just thinking about that today. My temps in South Carolina are
starting to climb but still a little early. Great tips thanks.

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Conor Selby —

What is The Best way to keep up On Watering the grass And Best way would to
add grass seed in bear sports in the Lawn? And What grass seed is the best.

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EpicEpigon —

Whats the music in the vid calld.

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M McNoodle —

Just bought a home and the lawn is full of crabgrass. I’m planning on
putting down some crabgrass preventer this weekend (4/6) to clean it up a
bit. How long after that can I then put down grass seed? 

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Michael Mattern —

If I have already put down crabgrass pre-emergant, how long until I can
over seed with Tall fescue? 

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ricardo fernandez —

What’s a good and low cost fertilizer for planting a whole lawn from seed
and what process would you recommend I just tilled my whole yard and will
be ready to seed soon 

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zolee1 —

Allyn, I’m writing to you from the North East: South of Boston. I LOVED all
the lawn care videos you put up thus far. The 1hr hangout was great as
well, a lot of important topics were covered.

I saw this question asked before but couldn’t find the answer. What kind of
grass seed would you recommend? Any brand over the other?
Also, not sure what kind of grass I have, we just moved here, but I assume
I should get something similar, or is that not important? (I remember not
the exact same kind as I need at least 3 varieties).

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The Lawn Care Nut —

When is the Best Time To Plant grass seed? Here’s your answer

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lfh1973 —

Al, this is just what I needed today as we get pelted with another half
foot of snow. There’s an end in sight….I think :)

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Masood Siddiqui —

grass?? lawn?? we are buried in snow up here in MI… these videos are such
a tease!! can’t wait for spring!! :)

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