Cheap Gutter Cleaning Without Ladder

Welcome to Climbing ladder to clean your gutter has health risks. Each year, 100K people fall from ladders. 90% of those victims did not watch…

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Matthew GD —

I can see you’re not at all experienced climbing a ladder. Your invention
will not repair / seal leaky brackets or thoroughly clear down pipes or
make detailed repairs where needed. Solution to Gutter cleaning = Hire a

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BarbaraL Lowell —

I love your careful, meticulous style of teaching, definitely subscribing,
and I love that you do your work in such a neat , patient way, and handsome
clothes! My little one floor house is very accessible but gutters still a
pain, so I will def do the pvc routine. 

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CatFuntXXXL —

Not now Kato!!!!!

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50hellkat2 —

That two inch abs pipe with the elbow is a fantastic idea. Thanks so much
for your video . Great idea re the camera. I have a boat and will do this
when working on my motor.

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345turk —

A lot of good and simple ideas. I can re-use them for different tasks.
Thanks! :D

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