Control the Light and Improve Your Photography: Part 4 — Creating Great Landscape Photographs HDR

Control the Light and Improve Your Photography: Part 4 — Creating Great Landscape Photographs HDR

Learn more: Many of us are passionate about landscape photography, but many have difficulty capturing an image that successfully convey…

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andrx04 —

заебал со своим метром бегать считай в уме и ешь меньше гамбургеров .. 

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cylurian —

What is the mic that you are using on your face? thx

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tscholent —

I can honestly say that what I have learned from Joe has not turned me into
a renowned Photographer but he (and others on YT) have helped me understand
and use what technology offers . For Landscape and Studio shots in
particular it is essential to do the thinking before your camera does (use
cumulative reflective spot metering).Thanks Joe..have not paid you a dime
and owe you a lot!

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Mag Punky —

learn to work with your Histogram!

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OnE61811301 —

So from an 1 hour video, there was ZERO seconds talking about actual
photography. Thumbs down and report for misleading title!

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Juan Medina —

Waste of time… pure selling and nothing interesting on landscape

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Noctimus Prime —

Interesting and well done.
Thx for that

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Peter B —

I have just found your site and am totally blown away from what I have
learned about correct exposure. Thanks for all the time and effort that you
put into making these.
I was also wandering what the name of the last track in this tutorial is
Thanks again

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David Brewster —

dishonest ….. he’s just selling sekonic meters

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MegaTruck20 —

I’m sure handheld meters still have their place in photography but between
the spot meter in my D300 and the histogram I’m doing just fine without

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mobrewski —

Sekonic L-758DR DigitalMaster Flash Meter -$634.00. Bracketing… FREE!

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Brian Geoghegan —

Great stuff this he is a good help with landscape photography I am happy to
have come across this guy Joe Brady 

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nima —

Absolutely fantastic. You have taught me a lot and I finally understand why
one would want to use a light metre. Thank you :)

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andrea minoia —

there’s a reason why you are fat and you are explaing it to us in this

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TexasSoundScapes —

I can see how my comment my be unpopular based on the existing comments,
but here it goes. I purchased L-758DR today and I am finding it to be a
very helpful tool. I have only been using it for a few hours now and my
images are coming out much better with the settings from the Sekonic than
from my camera (5D MKII). The 5D MKII gets close, but the settings form the
Sekonic result in a much better image the first time. Yes, it is pricy, no
doubt compared to bracketing, but I am finding that im getting more
accurate results in a shorter time compared to bracketing. I am not paid by
Sekonic, this is just my honest opinion based on current usage. My trial is
still in its infancy, and if my opinion changes based on future test, I
will update.

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Andy Rosebrook —

Nice channel, subscribed!

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TexasSoundScapes —

Hi Jose. I am sure you may have found the answer by now, but you can set
your sekonic758 ISO2 setting by going to page 44 of the owners manual.
Custom settings, No. 01 Item 1. Default is No. 1 Item 0

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e30Birdy —

Quick question Mac, when i hold the ISO2 button and turn the wheel it
adjusts the iso and not the compensation.. what am i doing wrong?

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matthew Cardinal —

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