DIY 35 Gallon Yard and Garden Sprayer for Under $100

This is video of me constructing my 35 gallon yard and garden sprayer. I built mine for right at . I got the barrel and pump for free. The pump was a thro…
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joseph jones —

Some horizontal angle iron pieces welded from to the two side bars to the
top link frame would surely stiffen that frame up and protect from
vibration a little better. Hope that kid didn’t get a flash burn.

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Rigoberto González —

Echa un vistazo a este vídeo en YouTube: muy interesante

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pictureBigger —

awesome. great job. bet it lasts a lifetime too, unlike all the made in
china junk at the stores (designed to fail in 2 years max)

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dnsmithnc —

Good Job. I would just warn people not to apply the primer on the PVC near
anything I didn’t want to have stained. 

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Dewayne Wofford —

Kewl video BUT please protect your child’s eye she shouldn’t be looking at
that welding flash arc………………..

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Black Dog —

Great video! I liked your video and subscribed. Please visit my channel and
return the favor. Thanks!

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Corey Grant —

Love love love this. I have all the same stuff lying around, except the
pump. I would much rather spray from the tractor than walking all my
fences!!! I have tried it from my trusty Honda Big Red three wheeler but
that is not ideal either…

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