Do-it-Yourself: Lawn Overseeding

If your lawn is starting to look thin or worn out, if it has bare spots, or if it isn’t quite as drought-resistant as it once was, it might be time to overse…
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Steps to renovate your lawn by reseeding.

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TMoutdoor —

How do you determine if you have to till or churn up soil before applying
seed as opposed to just throwing down seed?

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MrBikedrummer —

So, how much money would a homeowner have to spend for your professional
aerator as used in your video? 

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Thank you for the info. Question: is it ok to plant grass seed in july?
Canadian weather. My grass is really bad. 

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7777Ralph —

Tony, why did you ignore giving information about using a drop spreader?

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Laith . —

Confusing instruction as to what to do first, second…. This is nothing
more than just an add for Scotts.

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50hellkat2 —

Wait till it rains in the spring and throw it all over your grass and
forget about it. After the first snow put some grass seed around. You
don’t need to do all of this. Better to do it than avoid doing it because
you need to do a whole bunch of tedious preparatory steps.

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adnan tariq —

Good info thanks!

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WV591 —

to insure good results, you have to kill all the seed eating F** pigeons.

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Jimjones —

What would you recommend for a large golf land, a synthetic turf like
SYNTURF for instance or real grass? Please I’d like to get some clearance
on this.

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xNativeDreamsx —

Lol oops I did it and we r having a drought awww man!!! 

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Kenneth Smith —

I was told that overseeding a lawn is a waste of time.

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eki5121 —

Great video. Easy to understand and follow. Thank you.

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Thanks good information

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Renee Wright —

I thought the instructions were clear and there was mention of Scotts.

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