Eddie Bauer Complete Care Play Yard Setup Pack and Play

After receiving this as a Christmas gift, my husband and I were excited to put it up! However, despite our efforts to follow the instructions as carefully as…
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Brandon Jarvis —

I wish I knew about this video hours ago. I almost busted it trying to
force it. lol Worked perfect your way. Thanks man

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Killgore Knight —

You’re a life saver I almost beat this stupid thing to pieces with a sledge

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Maria Solorzano —

Thank you, lifesaver. As new grandma this worked perfectly!

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CaptVio —

Unreal! Once upon a time I was a mechanical engineer and I felt like a
complete idiot not being able to figure this out. (We’re borrowing this for
30 days till we move away and I have no instructions). Thanks a bunch man!
That was great. (There’s a reason I’m no longer an engineer… LOL)

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Camie MC —


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Jessie Aleman —

Thanks a lot

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Claudia Stillwagon —

hahaha thank you so much for this video! I borrowed this set from a friend
for my nephew who is visiting and was going insane trying to put it
together. Thank you for your super easy to follow video! 

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Josh Crow —

You’re a gentleman and a scholar. 

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Lucero Loza —

So much help with your video.

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AllNaturalEverything —

Does anyone know what the model number is for the one in the video?

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laginvancouver —

Okay that part we figured out just fine but it’s the bassinet part that
we’re struggling with! Those two bars that are supposed to snap into each
other on the suspended mattress bit are so tight that they’re impossible to
snap together. Surely there must be another tip/trick to this! 

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Maureen Laneski —

Thanks, you two. Seriously. This is where i figured out how to close it
enough to get it into the mattress carrier…
I found the enclosed instructions confusing. All I needed to know was to
squeeze, pull up, then take down. Might take more than one go at it.

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Erika Doss —

Thank you thank you!!

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ingoalwetrust —

Thank you SO MUCH!!

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Gary Riggs —

wow, you’re a lifesaver. thanks for the video!

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Isaiah Mangrum —

Thanks!! This is my sons profile but I had to comment. We thought we would
never figure it out. It took literally seconds after watching it video.
Please make more if u have other difficult products that you have figured

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Daniela Savala —

Thank you SO much for posting this. 

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Mary Baldwin —

thaaaaaaank you life saver lol…….theres no freaking instructions with this

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Richard Hughes —

Wow if you don’t leave the middle up, you will want to throw it out the
window! Thanks for the VERY HELPFUL VIDEO ! 

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Luz Hernandez —

Thank you! !!!!

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Ed Gonz —

Thanks !!! I was about to throw this as far as I could chuck it Lol ..

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djones02 —

I thought I got a broken one. This works perfectly and it’s a different

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2010pineapple5 —

Thank u!!! I was sweating trying to put this dumb thing together for about
a hour!!! 

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Heather Clement —

OMG Thank you!

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Lakshman Swamy —

Thank you!!

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