First Garden – Making a Lawn – Preparation

Step by step guide to laying a lawn with turf. Toby Musgrave shares the tricks and techniques needed to create a charming outdoor living area suitable for bo…

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Dave johnson —

I like the way you’re resting your old chap on the fork handle at the

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Garden Sheds Kent —

If you have a small space in your lawn and you wanted to make a garden on
it, this video will help you a lot. I will recommend this link to my
friends who got plans of creating and building a lawn garden. Thanks for
making this very useful video! I learned the proper strategy on preparing
the lawn before gardening.

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ollieflp —

cant you just use a rotavator

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MiCompre —

You’d never get a fork that deep into my soil. (My garden is just a
stone-bed where a river must have flowed aeons ago.) So I just mow my
clover and grass altogether once a week. At least it’s green! Thanks for
the vid. Useful advice.

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TapeMeasureandhair —

excellent video

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