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Gardening in May out west is always fun… greenthumbers can hardly make a mistake, since nature has joined forces to warm up the soil so that seeds germinate faster. And as the days lengthen, and the sun warms the ground, annuals and vegetables will literally spurt from the ground.

Even cuttings root more easily. Plant foods applied to growing specimens bring almost instant reactions. By the same token, fast-growing weeds can be knocked over quickly with any of the selective chemical weed-killers.

May is a kind month to greenthumbers because it seems that the garden suppliers, the weather and soil conditions are such that even a beginner will find it easy to plant his garden. The colorful seed display racks at the garden centers quicken the pulse, and the average temptation is to scatter so many seeds fore and aft of the house, that it will look like a blooming Persian carpet within ninety days!

In the favored rhododendron belts, Puget Sound, metropolitan Portland, the San Francisco Bay region, and the cool, coastal areas around Los Angeles, a big show of blossoms is on all month long.

There is still time to sow summer annuals. Grow those which develop quickly and like heat. Though the list of these annuals is a long one, the most important ones are: zinnias, marigolds, nasturtiums, salvia, portulaca, sanvitalia, annual chrysanthemums, calliopsis, cleome, gaillardia and annual phlox.

For quick camouflage effects, sow some of the easy-to-grow vines. Some, you’ll discover, grow with Jack-in-the-beanstalk swiftness. These are especially good: morning-glory, moonflower, cup-and-saucer, thunbergia, balloon vine.

Perennials can be sown any time from May to the end of August. There are arguments as to whether it is best to sow early in the season or late. But if you are gardening in one of the hot weather sections of the West, you’ll benefit by sowing early. Germination of seed sown in July and August is poor because it is so difficult to keep the soil moist.

Raising perennials from seed provides an excellent opportunity to literally fill up the flower garden with fine items at low cost. Some recommended perennials are columbine, coreopsis, flax, hollyhock, Oriental poppy, Shasta daisy, campanula and stokesia.

Dahlias, gladiolus and tigridias can be planted now in all areas where the soil has warmed up. But first you should know first all the unusual house plants. In the higher elevations. where the weather is cooler, it might be best to wait a couple of weeks.

Some of the nurseries may still have a few begonia tubers and gloxinia tubers on hand, but you’ll get better results by waiting until later in the month and buying the new crop of seedling plants. Not only will these husky little plants provide you with blooms later in the season, but they’ll develop fine tubers for next year’s plants.

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