Home Depot Lawn Care Equipment Tour

Home Depot Lawn Care Equipment Tour

Just a quick tour of what home depot sells in the lawn area.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Jason shows you how to get your lawn looking tip top for this summer and the preparation starts right now.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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CountrysideLawnNY —

You two crack me up! I was just at home depot and saw they had the echo
srm225 trimmers on sale for $199. I have 2 of them that were almost $400
each. The new ones are sweet and 2 new ones will be on my list this year.
Hate to call ya out Jeremy but those shoes scream Cousin Eddy from national
lampoons lmao.

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Green Power Farm — guys are on to something!! maybe videos on product bashing/reviews
about stuff you would never buy to stuff that is just too awesome…think
about it? two are the “freaks of the industry”…would be amazing!

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Mowersandstuff —

That ugly line is so cheap compared to what we have to pay here in the
uk.For a spool that size here would cost £50 plus.

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The Landscaping Employee Trap —

Home Depot is my favorite store.

You just motivated me to go there.

Great video.

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B&B Lawn Care and Property Services LLC —

Lol! When’s the lion head getting back online? I haven’t been on for a

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John Foshee/ Foshee Lawn Care Service —

Somehow I didn’t know that Home Depot had their version of Ugly Line til
now. May have to remember this if I need some trimmer line and I’m at Home

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james villegas —

Home Depot is a toy store :-)

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Johnny Mow —

Residential,,,,, commercial. I can’t stop laughing. 

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jon —

nice vid can you do one at the store or anywhere showing the products you
guys use and recommend?

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kobelcofan —

I’d love to hang out with these guys at Home Depot.

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Southern Tide —

I have to buy my Echo stuff there now since exposing my Gravely dealer when
he was selling 2011’s as 2014’s lol… Echo said they would honor just as I
bought from Cert dealer if I had any issues under warranty they gave me a
direct number to call lol sucks

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TopNotchLawns —

You guys are hilarious. 

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Small Lawnz —

Was that recent? My Home Depot the shelves are empty in lawn and garden.

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Lawn care Junkie —

We all should buy a electric mower . Ha

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Sunset Services —

I had to buy some echo stuff from HD on a fly. Return it all within a week.
Thought I can penny pinch but I was wrong. Worth the 20 min drive to the
Dealer. PS returning small engines is a pain and make sure you do it within
30 days. Spent 30 min in line and then they sent me to the rental center so
they can inspect it for warranty. Even that guy didn’t know why they sent
me to him when I just want to return it.

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Wcoastmower —

Just watched the vid with u and papa freak mowing that is my new favorite
your dad is awesome. Thanks for sharing it with us. 

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