How and when do I fertilize my lawn?

How and when do I fertilize my lawn?

Jennifer Brennan explains the ins and outs of fertilizer and how to get the green, lush lawn you want. I’m here to tell you how and why to fertilize your law…

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charles burnett —

This woman is seriously good looking.

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Chad Rawson —

For best reults, consider having a professional do it. It costs about the
same and results are better than the bagged chemicals.

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Clove Robbins —

I finally get it now! Thanks you are great

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Kurt Borglum —

Well explained! Good job.

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Bryanalvarenga1 —

Drop spreader, or Drop and spread her!! Milf

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ganeese —

super simple. Great

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matthew walker —

Best fertiliser bar none for green grass is chook poo it’s better than any
chemical just spred it over your lawn before it us going to rain

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Locauna —

Wow! I really like the way Jennifer Brennan talks! Her voice sounds so good
it’s easy to listen to her explanations. Great quality video, thanks for
sharing the information.

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I`d like to fertilize her. MILF!

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spokanelandscaping —

I have a friend who lives in Alaska.. fertilizing is the only way their
grass will survive the harsh winters. This is one of the most asked
questions we get.

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She is cute and actually a weapon of mass seduction !

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Icecodes —

perfect sound quality….

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1027chocolatecake —

Notice there’s a hweel

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EliteCombatMajor —


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sean wynne —

Thank you that was very well explained, now off to fertilize

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Nayr Tnartsipac —

goats and cattle do wonders for a lawn. They mow it for you and fertilize
it for you. Unless you have livestock, grass is just a weed in the garden.

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