How To Do A First Cut Of The Season Lawn Care Service

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Cody Carson —

Try this for a couple weeks, stand in the yard as you edge with the
rotation of the head cutting down into the ground, Much more beautiful of
an edge, less string loss, less blowing, and less of a chance of a rock
skipping up and breakin a tooth, I used to edge with your method and found
myself buying 2-3 spools of string throughout the year, the way I edge
now… I can make 1 spool last all year, and the finished product is way
more pleasant on the eyes.

Instead of going back over the edge with a 45, take the stander, walk
behind, or whatever commercial mower you’re using and just go over the edge
with the middle of the deck, you eliminate the chance of skipping the head
off the ground and making a huge gouge, looks more uniformed, it’s safer,
and quicker.

All in all, I’d love to work with ya man. Two thumbs up!

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Rafael caceres —

Hey G. To F. Lawn care
You guys are lucky that your customers let you do there lawns with no bags
on the machines we can’t do that here in new york they will not let you for
any reason and in you do it you loose your customer n you will not get him
or her back the laws here they MOST LOOK like you vacuum them not one leave
most be on it except during the fall .

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Joe Carleo —

My service is in Charlotte, NC where we have clay and not much top soil. A
good first cut is super important!

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Joe Deca —

Very nice, the care and attention to details is why you will never worry
about not having enough work.

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Gary Stephenson —


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Tony Owen —

I like your vid. I also do grass cutting for a living. My grass season will
take off in about 2 months mid march. I work 4 my brother in winter as a
welder. Greetings from anglesey north wales. Cymru.

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outl0r —

How much would you get paid for a job like this ?

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Zack's Lawn Care —

this was your fifth season with this client? how many clients did you have
in 2,010?

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Shifterslayer —

What is the exact model and brand of your push mower? I really like the
music on this video. Thanks

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Dan Rogers —

8:40 -9:01. Serious? That’s hard to believe…but you are THE BOSS!

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Zack's Lawn Care —

where did you get that music from?

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Love God Love People —

ever raise your prices in those 5 years for inflation or rising gas prices?

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Todd Anderson —

I edge first then I mow and last I blow . providing no leaves and such.

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T Thoy —

your videos are quite informative and inspirational to all especially the
youngsters who are trying to establish themselves by learning strong work
ethics while staying out of trouble and earning some money for themselves.
Well done, sir.

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ben mack —

use weed warrior trimmer line it works a lot better

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Mow-Daddy Lawn care —

Just a quick note, You really need to wear safety glasses, the ones that
stihl sells are 4 pairs 2 clear 2 dark for $18 just like wrap-around sun
glasses. I have been hit in the eye many times, especially while trimming.
I don’t let any of my workers out on lawns without glasses on. plus it
keeps dust out of eyes, and is UV blocking. hearing protectors are good
also but I let my workers choose to wear them or not. but I always have
them on hand. I love your Vids. My Daughter and Son in Law are starting up
MowDaddy 2 in StCloud this spring so I told them to watch your videos over
winter. Good job. YOU CAN DO IT !!

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Cannington Lawnmowing —

Very informative video, many people appreciate this video especially if it
can save them time, money and effort. Keep it up guys!

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MosesOfTheProjects —

How much do you charge? And do you do monthly or per cut? I cut charge $100
per cut, because I live in a neighbourhood that has 2 acre properties

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WillsLawnService —

Why no RedMax?

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Ben Stoots —

1st time viewer. Like your mowing videos. how you talk about what your
doing during the vids. Just started mowing, what height is your walkbehind
set? also the self propelled push mower, which notch do you use? jw…

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John Schopf —

here in NY we have to have a pesticide certificate from the DEC to weed and
feed. even weed be gone. 30 hour course and 100 for the exam. then its only
good for 2 years and you have to re certify. at a tune of $650. fert is ok
but no weed killer.

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Cam Boisclair —

How do you use a trimmer that steady? Every time I tried I ended up
butchering the edge so I bought a Husqvarna 323ex power edger.

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Beginner's Guide to Lawn Care —

Good job man. Great job explaining things well. I am a school teacher and
brought in just over $55,000 last year doing lawn care on the side. Your
videos will really help people understand how to to make good money on the
side. Good job!

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Cesar Gonzalez —

how much do u charge? for ex. on a yard this size in the video

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dcgreenspro —

gotta have a fert license to apply weed and feed…Also, much better
options for weed control and fertility. Look into a proslide as well.

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