How to Find Good Lawn Care Employees

How to find good Lawn Care Employees part 1 : I’ll tell you how to find good Lawn Care Employees in a world of deadbeats! Using craigslist, workforce develop…

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G Packard —

I don’t care if you have long hair or not. My videos are made solely to try
and help others .Also, as far as everyone on drugs . your wrong, not
everyone is on drugs, certainly my employees are not ! If my videos help
you that’s great , but if your goal is to just try to upset me, then you
have failed. I have better things to do.Like run a successful business.

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New_america —

Long hair has nothing to do with work ethic, punctuality and just plain old
hard working

I have long hair and own my own business and doing well

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dusty ballew —

I like you alot I thank you for your input but you dont seem to understand
very not trying to offend you but when you said that I mowed 100 lawns in a
day I can prove it I will send you a video friday when we do the villas 107
houses and two major feilds that all have to be striped out nnothing to
brag about but thats the problem with every lawn care business you all are
just plain out better mowers than another company so now you have
openyourmouth put your money there I would never be disrespectful to anyone
if I am right I sense that you are not able to do this so it is something
that I understand you are a very mature guy it seems so I want to give yo
something about my experience two mowers one stander wright the other
hustler super z or sometimes we use a toro rider 4 weed eaters and they
blow and edge everything we start at 7:30 at shop 8:30 we are mowing until
4:00 back at the shop by 5:00 believe me when I say to you we can nock this
out I mean and I put that on what beleive we do this every friday so you
are wrong and I would appreciate a very thought out apology because I
promise that you dont know it all I would love to mow with you one day
maybe thats possible maybe its not but I am a very good mower no I dont
claim to be the best because that simply is not true I live in mo. And when
you say 8 $ an hour no wonder you cant do what we do thanks for your time
and I will try to get this housing division on you tube 

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Smittys lawn & snow —

P.s. I have long hair 

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Smittys lawn & snow —

Drugs !! there always on drugs 

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