How to Get a Green Lawn

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The Landscaping Guide —

How to Get a Green Lawn
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Howard Hanna Johnston Realty —

Looking for a greener lawn? How to Get a Green Lawn

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Josh McCurry —

@DCyerar hmm…well all i do to my lawn is mow it and then weed wack….I
don’t take my lawn seriously….And I was just looking for tips and I was
like WOW! I didn’t know you had to do all this stuff. So that’s why I put
what I put….And did you notice I put a “lol” at the end of my comment?
Meaning I am laughing about it and not serious. I would do this but I don’t
have the time for it and I have school work and studies to do

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Rarrin9378 —

@Tubbs3695 It’s not for the lazy type of people.

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Baloo Dumptruck —

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ThePurpleNavi —

Next Howcast Video: How to get the Highest Rated Comment on a Howcast Video
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Say an illegal way to do something. Did you know? Howcast makes some of the
most pointless videos ever?

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DCyerar —

@Tubbs3695 ummm not exactly its because your comment forget the fat ass and
make it a DUMB ASS

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Jeri Baisden —

i hate commercial especially the same one with pluggable ferbreez

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Jasmine Shafley —

will you all freakin shut up…

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tinder —

How about cat hair?

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Josh McCurry —

All this to make your grass green…..geesh lol

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Sam Britt —

i was expecting more like…step 1) sprinkle grass seed. step 2) done

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huntercross14 —

i just want step 1

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elsteviolee —

You wanna know how to get a good lawn then ask my wife. She is the expert.
Anyhoo her main advise is to completely re-soil at the very start. Any
other way you are in a constant struggle. You just gotta get the soil
right. Don’t even bother with a soil test. The science of that is not too
reliable in my experience (I have done a lot of landscaping over the years).

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DCyerar —

@Tubbs3695 Fat ass

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DCyerar —

@DCyerar haha okay dude chill get ur knowledge

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pepsidude308 —

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arbornomics —

Dull lawn mower blades is one component of proper lawn care that can
adversely affect the lawn’s appearance. As the video shows at 1:31, a dull
blade can really chop up the grass.

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Bryce B —

human hair? really?

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IceYourPimpHand —

who the fuck use’s that lawn mower these days??

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GreenLawnFert —

For more tips Green Lawn’s website

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Miaka150 —

Mom: Why are you spreading your hair on the lawn?! I told you to fertilize.
Me: I AM mom, my hair is AWESOME! Mom : >.>

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fb767 —

@IceYourPimpHand I do :(

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lifearoundhome —

Great tips!

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