How to Identify and Treat Weeds in Your Lawn

Dave offers some ideas for treating weeds in your lawn.
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Gittl G. —

That was not crabgrass, it was tall fescue. Crabgrass is low and spreading
out like a crab. Both are ugly in the lawn.
Ground ivy is good as a tea but it is invasive. Clover is good for the
honey bees, leave it wherever it grows. I would love to have some English
lawn daisies like they have in European lawns. They are beautiful.

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Wise Student —

I don’t give a damn what kind of weed thay are, I just want to get rid of
all of them !!!

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einrib4truth —

Ha! Ha! Ha! satellite and internet (invasive) technology!! 

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MDsty1ee —

fyi dont pull out that crabgrass unless its young or immature, as long as
the seed heads have not forked out…or else you might as well be trying to
grow more weeds

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arbornomics —

This goes to show that with a little perseverance and effort, one can
control or manage weeds.

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Bug & Weed Mart Phoenix —

What kind of weeds do you have?

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WallsBeeMan Durham —

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shasha.tonks yts —

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appositioncatatonic —

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Growing Wisdom —

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