How to Install Sod.

Step by step guide for installing new sod in your yard. Also see my other videos on sod installation: and…
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penoe01 —

You really shouldn’t fertilize sod until it is well rooted or you have
mowed it at least twice.

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All_mine123 —

What did you use to trim the edges?

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Rick Schulte —

Thank you, for your help Sincerely Rick

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Crystal Palomo —

Hi what do you think is a great fertilizer I can use to help the sod

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Tom Wilson —

How many pieces of standard sized sod can a person lay per hour. I’m
sodding an acre.

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Don Avan —

Very informative, thank you. With all the different types of sod available,
what type would you recommend as a low maintenance sod that doesn’t require
as much much water to look healthy after the roots have taken and grows so
it has to be cut once a week. Are there any types of sod that grow better
say under a tree that doesn’t get much sunlight? And is it OK to install
sod around the beginning of September when it starts getting a bit cooler
in an area where you get all four seasons? Thanks again. Hope to hear back.

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Mike Mason —

Hello, If im laying the sod over a grassy weed combination is there
something extra i should do other then a even layer of topsoil? or do you
recommend removing all the old grass? Thanks 

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Paul J Erickson —

Make sure you wear gloves while applying fertilizer!

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Cynthia Scholar —

Such a peaceful video…nice!

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Tony Diaz —

How long would you recommend watering 3 times a day after laying the sod? 

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Valerie Kennedy —

Great video! I found this company who sells sod in like 26 different

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Zayande —

I live in New York do you any idea where can I buy the sod rolls I would
love to make my yard like this….

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Felix melendez —

I’m laying new sod down the previous soil is pretty good. Do I need to add
top soil? 

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Louie Ledet —

Thanks man u are a very talented person,keep up the great videos very
informative especially your sod video . it looks like I knew what I was
doing or something. thanks.

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DavidRodlund —

thumbs up if rain sound made you fall asleep during video

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Chris N —

Good video. I’m looking to rent a tiller. What type do you use in your

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Mark Ragan —

Great video, thanks for sharing. 

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Patrick Star —


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dw wd —

How many days do I need to water it like this? Thanks.

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hi there was wondering if you recommend laying brownish sod cause I tried
planting stuff that looked all brownish like the stuff in the video and it

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Guill Val —

my area is full of gravel and not level at all should I add manure or
should I just fertilizer

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Livin Surfside —

what should we do now after our neighbor assaulted our sod?My Neighbor from
Hell ACT III Sod Smackdown

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