How To Make an Effective Lawn Care Flyer Tips & Examples

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Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Atom Ant —

Been in the landscape maintenance/gardening business for over 10 years.
Have worked as a foreman for commercial as well as residential businesses,
along with operating my own company. I have never heard of charging by the
cut. Everyone I have worked for and myself included just do flat monthly
rates. They end up being less than what you’re charging. Though California
does have an immense amount of gardeners and the ability to work year
round, at 30 to 40 a cut, that seems high for a monthly gardening service. 

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Temujen Khan —

Can I get a copy of your flyer.. would like to compare and implement what I
can use on my flier. Thanks

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browser067 —

You would make a killing here down under. No lawns are cut for as little as
$25. Min is around $50 for a basic lawn service and that is in the blue
collar areas. Hit the richer folk and you can pretty much double that.
Average would be around $70-100. When you start doing hedges and weeding
and all the extras, it can run in the hundreds. For the lawns i seen you
cut would be charged around $60-70 minimum.

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carson smith —

Hey I’m 14 but I was wondering if I should put fliers in mailboxes or just
knock on doors or stapling them to telephone poles?

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Dwayne Mills —

when should I put out flyers this year in North Texas?

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Ethan Visser —

Hey Im 15 Me and my brother mow a couple of lawns in my neighborhood. When
would be a good time to hand out flyers?

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N O'Brien —

When is a good time of year to pass out flyers in PA? Thanks!

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Robert Eubanks —

How can I get a copy of your flyer?

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Bryan Crook —

Flyer template please. Send to lighthouselawnpro at gmail dot com . Thank

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vcomp1960 —

What is your rate of return? In other words, out of 100 flyers, how many
calls do you get?

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Javier Rodriguez —

or the rubber band color

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Tanasi Time —

This is your best video, with the best advice. One problem I have on a few
of my lawns is dogs in fenced in back yards. How do you deal with the
customers that have dogs in the yard? If there home, no problem, the
problem is when there not home and because of schedule changes from rain
etc. I can’t always be there on the same day.

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fernando v —

hey geek to freak thanks for all your videos and I want to know how can I
get a copy of your flyer? thx

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Scott Schriver —

Hey freak i emailed you yesterday my name is scott i hope you get back to
me i really want to base my flyer off of yours cause i might hand some out
now to get lawns for next year then defiantly next spring thank you for
your videos really appreciate it

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Guitarfisherman1997 —

Hi, i dont know how to price a yard because for example.. my yard is 16,000
square feet ok and there is been times when it takes me one and a half
hours to just trim and cut my grass… not including trimming bushes ,
pulling weeds , fertilizing etc. i am not fast because i just do my lawn
and i guess as you do more a day you wil get more experienced. so for
example my yard how much would it cost for my yard to be done? cut and trim
and blow ? i figured i can do it in 45 minutes or less for somewhere around
$14.00 to $28.00 dollars? i seen lawns around here my size getting it done
for $25.. then i saw a website that says that $20 to $40 per half acre …i
have 1/3 acre about so maybe $28.00? i know i would get faster at it with
time and better equipment.. thanks again.. GBU

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Adam Adams —

Hey I love your videos. Fantastic thanks so much for putting these
together. Can I see your flyer? adam 88 adams at gmail dot com. Thanks!!!

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Chuck Berg —

Hey freak. Can you email me your flyer

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flyer template

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Charles rodriguez —

How can I get the attachment to that 

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Lawn Care Business Tips —

Have you thought about putting a link to the flyer in your description? 

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Zack Gill —

Hey im new in the lawn care buisness and i dont have a veichle im too young
i only have a push mower so i cant bring a trimmer blower just the mower im
worried 😮 what if i have to trim with the mower and hit a rock please help
me thanks love your videos keep up the great work

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Keith Rock —

why should i stay away from mailboxes?

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pashalypse1 —

@geektofreakfitness, When you put your price (per cut) on the flyer is that
for the front and back lawn?

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Noah Scheier —

When I put out flyers the first thing people say when they call me is “I
was calling about $25 mowing” i think the biggest selling point is the
price on the flyer

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warhawk4life1 —

O and I probably watch all your lawn care videos and just bought a cub
cadet and a toro along with a echo weed eater and now looking for a blower
so I hope I can get this going next week. Love the videos man you’re

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kodiak wild —

what a wonderful testimonial, dear sister. keep going, you are worth
confidence, keep working hard, & i hope you keep making videos ( i would
enjoy seeing you in action with a mower, weedwhacker, etc. ). Peace with

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jeffro1234567891 —

Awesome stuff. Geek to Freak knows his stuff. Be really safe and God

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fernando v —

hey Kim I hope you are doing ok love the video I need some help making a
flyer for my lawn care do you thing you can send me a copy thx.

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