How to Make Compost the Easy Way

John from shares with you his #1 way to make the easiest compost ever. In this video John will share his top 3 tips that wi…
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Compost is the very best food you can give to the plants in your garden. However, making really great compost requires the right mix of ingredients. In this …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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My local Home Depot sells premade compost for $1.75 for a 2 cubic foot bag.
How many years do you have to use the tumbler before you come close to
breaking even?

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Muhammad Mirza —

wow ty an easyer way for the worm is put veg and fruit scraps in a boxs
than add some soil on top of the waste and put in worms. the worm will go
under neath and turn the waste to treasure.

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Robert Hardy —

So ,much information from this guy…but soooooo much off-tracking :)
That tomato sucker video nearly had me pulling my eyes out
Still, I weather the side-track portions to get the data :)

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Annie Gaddis —

I LOVE my Mantis double barrel composters (I have two sets). I’m an older
woman, so the handle method of rolling them around is best for me. I have
the special door grills for exiting the finer stuff into my wheel barrel,
which fits nicely under the bins. I live alone so don’t have much food
waste, so my compost (mostly leaves, grass and wood chips) take a long time
to break down (not enough nitrogen), about a year and a half. But that’s
ok, because about the time I start filling up the fourth one, my first one
is ready, and so on.

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Mawii Torres —

This dude’s always happy, lol… :’)

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Jeff Fuchs —

The cat litter industry is killing the plastic bucket market.

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Mandy Moore —

I have a lengthwise barrel but it is too small and very hard to turn, my
next will have a crank on it to make it easier to turn

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Jesse Shin —

how many times do you have to spin it?

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skilla6000 —

These single ones are so expensive in Canada, does anyone know where you
can find these for some what cheap? the single one goes for 250$ and you
have to order it in, the dual is 300 and also have to order it in

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simon isaacs —

great video, composting fresh grass cuttings ??? is that part of my food
scraps/vegetable waste or of my carbon side

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EarlyMist —

Great vid and good advice….though it turns into an ad halfway through?

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jane greengray —

john, i know you are very knowledgeable. i saw you using newspapers for
your organic garden. is it not true though, that newspaper are extremely
toxic because of the printing ink? i’ve heard so many times newspapers were
toxic…up to the point that newspapers are not allowed in some saunas for
people to just read. are you sure that newspapers are fine in my organic
garden? thanx 

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Shilpa Acharya —

Very informative video! Now when do we know that compost is ready? What
does the final product look like? What do you do with it? I know it is
silly question but still wants your input. Thank you and a Very Happy new

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Robert Polite —

The Easy Way to Make Compost is a Worm Factory DS5GT 5-Tray Worm Composter
and 1,000 red wigglers worms!

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sticksbass —

how much dirt?

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Brock Stanley —

I quickly lose interest in your videos because you talk way to much… Get
to the point and move on.

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steven gaspa —

hi john. is rabbit poo any good as a fertilizer

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robin davis —

He reminds me of Polly sure, the way he looks and his demeanor

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Lorelie Friedheim —

Here is the study on the toxicity of oleander derived compost:

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Aurora Reinhart —

I made a boo boo on my last post about newspaper ink the black and even the
colored ink is water based and nontoxic. The ads with glossy paper and very
bright colors some of the ink has heavy metals in it. This type of ink has
to be sent to the toxic dump. Some of the ink is nontoxic don’t take a
chance using these ad papers in your worm beds use just plane newspaper. 

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Psal —

Thanks !

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Aurora Reinhart —

One person wrote that newspaper was toxic. White pages with black ink are
ok. The black ink is water base. The shiny pages and a lot of the bright
colored ink that is used or ads very very toxic. At the newspaper company
that I worked for we had to haul off the colored ink to a toxic waste dump
to get rid of it

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greenlizardballs —


i wish you were my neighbor, guy :D

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infidel556x45 —

gotta love that city living……

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Diana Burnwood —

this guy way too happy

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HydrixCooper —

I was wondering about adding dog hair to compost, would this factor into
the ratios too? I worked at a grooming place so I could probably get my
hands on a good amount of it.

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Jay Martin —

You cover the basics of composting very well. Great video. 

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Old Farmer's Almanac —

Composting seemed to be a “hot” topic, based on our last giveaway. So, we
thought that you might enjoy this video on how to compost–and get it
cooking! After you watch this video, try out our Garden Planner for free
You can plan where to site the compost heap in your garden–along with your
vegetable beds–using the drawing tools.

#composting #gardening #compost #gardenplanning #almanac 

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tootz1950 —

If you’re going to throw fruit and vege in your pile it’s best to know they
take a whole lot longer to break down than the other ingredients. Chopping
them finely helps but still takes a bit of time.

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killian cotter —

Cool video. Appreciate the upload. Quick question though. With saw dust and
wood chippings a lot of it that I have access to is treated wood. Should I
still use this ? I am worried about the chemical aspects. Also the same
question for cardboards, junk mail etc ? Thanks again 

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bill llib —

is used coffee grounds recommended also or not?

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westkraig —


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Andy Jenner —

Was it weird that I noticed a woodlouse at 4:30? :D

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Preston Rouse —

good video ,but what do you mean about “worms” added

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Tristan Cooper —

Extra source of nitrogen – pee on it.

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Hilary Crisp —

Great video, thanks. Any suggestion though on where a ‘normal’ northern
hemisphere gardener can source enough ‘browns’ from? I don’t have easy
access to sawdust. I guess cardboard is the main thing I would have a
regular supply of. Thanks Hils x

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Tom Yule —

Simple to the point and informative, thanks. What are fallen leaves
classified as, greens or browns?

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Paul Dupre —

I am just getting started and this is exactly the info I needed. Thanks!

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Larry Sitzman —

In a farming community Livestock manure is easily accessed. Some tend to
let seeds ready to sprout Like grass. the composting should eliminate seed
germination. ??? what about blight? tomatoes are vulnerable.. should the
compost be frozen to kill bacteria and mildew etc???

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Wheelie Bins —

Make your compost look good enough to eat… almost. ;-)

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Growingdaniel —

I didn’t even have audio (because of my network) and the video was still
easy to follow! I can see you put a lot of effort into filming and editing
to make this, and I as a an inexperienced and fairly new maker of compost
very much appreciate the straightforward, in-depth, and simplistic approach
you shared with us. Great video!

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Jannette Caseau —

Best method I’ve seen yet. Thank you!! :)

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osman ghani —

I like it but I like say can’t use some n- fertilizer to enhance

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John Smith —

fucking horrible explanation

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HOW about manure, like cattle manure, horse manure, chicken manure, rabbit
manure, pig manure?????? Portion of compost????

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Grannys Heirloom Seeds —

Great Video on how to make compost. Check it out you may have missed
something while making your own compost . Enjoy :)

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Bebot Poncardas —

very nice and simple

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Killadey —

Excellent video, very professional and informative. thanks!

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Gary Hughes —

well done

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Mary Solari —

And if you also have California red earthworms to process the material, you
get fantastic dark, crumbly soil, the quality of which is like fertilizer.
Plants thrive in it!!!!

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