How to Make Money Doing Garden Bed Maintenance

Garden bed maintenance tips for making high profit with low overhead in your landscaping business. The landscaping employee trap how to start your own landsc…
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Garden Maintenance & Lawn Mowing

V.I.P. Garden Maintenance and Lawn mowing franchisees will proudly provide your home or office with a great quality service to your garden and lawn, whether …

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Anthony Reyes —

First of all i turned several of my landscape buddies onto your channel,
they love it! But i have a question ive been landscape cor about a 2 years
not really down for the mow blow and go scene anymore. Whats your outlook
on constructing raised garden begs irrigation and all! And then giving the
option to maintain them cor the clients? Could this work?

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Lawn Care Savannah GA —

So after viewing this video I briefed my guys on recording all plant beds
that needed maintenance on their routs. They came back with 36 for the
week. Called the customers and now have 27 and a possible accounts that
added monthly plant bed maintenance to their services. Thanks!

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George Martinez —

Ok so you left lawn service your second year realising its not producing
much profit. was it 20 dollar mows per house? Weekly or bi weekly? How was
your route structured. And after going full landscaping what jobs produce
the most money. Tree trimming, shrub pruning? Bed work, rock, gravel, mulch
or bark installation?

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Lawn Care Savannah GA —

Thanks for the tips and motivational videos. We look forward to viewing
them all the time.

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gerald henry —

You actually came out puplicly what most business people would be thinking
but totally afraid to say incase they lose clients, great honesty by you,
usually on this site you get the loud mouth potty idiots with 100k plus
subscribers talking total rubbish but for once someone on here is telling
the truth about real life business experiences and what really happens when
your successful and when you fuck up, keep up the good work!!

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Ashley Kalfas —

How to Make Money With Garden Bed Maintenance:

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George Martinez —

When you say monthly garden maintenance is it once a month or bi-weekly or
weekly or you charge them a price for the month and you continously keep it
looking good when you choose to go.

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Chris Collins —

Keep sharing the Hope brother

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welshray1 —

Fake it, until you make it…

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gerald henry —

300 subscribers well done

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