How To Schedule Lawns for your New Lawn Service

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How to get the greenest lawn on the block!

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John Durantini —

Can you make a video on how you quit a yard

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Ronnie Hebert —

Great advice for us newbys. thanks man

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Kevin Johnson —

This helped a lot. Thanks for doing these videos. 

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Oscar Flores —

Do you charge your biweeklys the same price as a weekly

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Daniel Buzard —

You have great content! Thank you

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Zack's Lawn Care —

are you gonna try to get to the 100 mark in lawn jobs?

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benjamin george —

How do I drop customers politely, without making enemies.

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Zack's Lawn Care —

you sure have a lot of bi weeklyz…

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Miguel Rosas —

New to your videos, and yes anybody can do it, it all depends if you can
put the effort and motivation. I started with my pop as well, got a job,
the job slowed way down in 09′. Started mowing and landscaping there after
on the weekends and after work… So far I have 45 accounts, still have my
job, and brought on some help from friends. Next year I will take the
plunge and leave my current job. There is nothing better than to own a
business, watch it grow! Howdy from Houston, Texas 

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Austin Strong —

What do you use for receipts? 

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TheHeadmanmr —

You have so many customers; how do you remember who’s paid you and who

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Chris Moran —

How do I market to get weekly and bi weekly customers? I’m getting very
discouraged as I only get calls for one time cuts that are horrible and
take too long. I spend the morning on door to door fliers and I hope I get
calls. Some days I get 2 or 3, some 0. Can you give me advice to keep my
head up and tips on what you say when offering lawn care. Thanks! All your
videos are great and thanks for being honest and helping everyone out.

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iR3CT —

Picking up new clients post advertisement/marketing – When you leave the
envelope for pay on weekly or bi-weekly if they do not pay and say “Oh I
forgot, blah blah” if they choose not to pay then, what do you do? “Sorry I
cannot cut your lawn without adequate pay?” Also are you picking up the
check the following week (weekly cuts)when you come back to service or how
is that handled?

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tomwooha —

how do you drop customers? in the nicest possible way…

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Josh Wallie —

“Network with each other” those are wise words. When I was starting out, I
began networking with other providers too. When I needed it, they gave me
their overflow, networking is huge!

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nagga123456789 —


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Geek To Freak Fitness & Lawn Care —

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Green Guys Landscaping —

Thanks, I am enjoying your vid’s

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sandra franco —

You are awesome!!! I was thinking of doing this.

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405TunerZ —

Great video. I know I struggled with scheduling my first year. Good to see
a video like this. Gives you ideas. 

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chris alarcon —

Nice schedule you said I do this one for 25 or 30 or 40 dollars. I this
monthly or is it broken down in weeks. Starting a lawn service in Fresno,Ca
so i’m new with much motivation. Thanks for your informative videos. Chris-

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Dustan Tye —

Are you ever able to have a family vacation during the summer?

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Bearded German —

beats technology at least there’s not technical difficulties 

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BIGJ Dubb —

Great Info, Thanks!!!!!

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eXterminator —

I use the same hand written method actually.I use legal pads though

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Kiddro22 —

I’d be pissed if that was my neighbor!…damn cheap lazy bastard

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James Van Meter —

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