How To Start a Lawn Care Business “Introduction Video” “You CAN Do It!”

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geektofreakfitness —

How To Advertise Your New Lawn Service ” Best and Worst ways ” Use These

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MrSemipro824 —

I love seeing motivated people like you. If every person that was in
similar situations had your passion our country wouldn’t be in the
situation its in. Thank you & nice vid

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Austin Jordan —

I been doing lawn care for 5 years now fo a company now I want to start a
lawn care business what is all the type of license I need to do this

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405TunerZ —

Great video. Can’t wait for the videos. I want to see all of your

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eXterminator —

I meant to add that tree on trailer could make a grown man cry.also nice
rigs u have.that snapper is awesome as well

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eXterminator —

Awesome vid! You have me even more excited for our season to start! keep em
comn bud.I need to learn more about editing and making vids as good as

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jgarddragj —

Hey Geek checking out the playlist hope all is well.

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frugalnanny —

I am a lady preacher and I liked your video, however sweet heart please
condisider nanny here and leave out the bad words.
I am not nagging just asking babe.

thank you

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Jason hertz —

Nice ! always looking for ways to increase my income . Sure, lawn care
business for the beginner , sign me up .

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Rene Romero —

7:40 looks like some bad stuff happened there. Nice video can’t wait to see
more. One video I would like to see its how you organize your money. I’m
bad at spending money. How you save money? Can you make a video about that.
You know this money goes for savings, I got this much to spend, Im gonna
buy this and that you know what I mean? ? Thanks loving the videos. 

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Lynard Brock —

Hey thanks for the videos. Keep them coming, I will keep watching as time
allows. YHVH bless.

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Corey Lawson —

Dirty bulk! I’m trying to see some GAINS! 

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birdmanG6843 —

Can’t wait for the videos man!! Thanks!!

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Vintagecardman Carpenter —

Hey I have a question for you, i am a 15 year old kid, i have my own
trimmer blower and i was wondering when is a good age to start since i am
so young?

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pimpslord87 —

Can’t wait for more vids bro

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Larry Jones —

I am interested in starting a lawn care business part time. I already have
the truck, a nice trimmer and blower. I have a nice standard hush Varna
riding mower but it’s suited more for my residential yard. What is the best
equipment at minimum you need to get job done. How do you go about getting
funds for startup? 

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magaava —

Thumbs up for being a great guy!

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UPutTheGayInGangster —

I’m doin’ it! Making my flyers tonight :)

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Hunter Vanderkooi —

You have by far the best lawn care videos and you just started with them. I
cant wait to see more in the future! Keep em comin!

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5nreyes —

very motivational. great job

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Corey Lawson —

Time to bulk! 

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MowPro —

I’ve been a landlord for about 15 yrs now and I’ve been full time about 3.
I’ve mowed a little grass the last few years but I’m going to take it more
seriously this year and see what happens. I’ve seen a lot of vids on here
but I have to say I enjoy yours the most. Keep the great advice coming
because a lot of us new guys get on here quite a bit to learn more about
the business.

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NOchann2007 —

I just wanted to let you know that I have been following you for about 4-5
months. I am 27 and only recently got my braces. Your braces video gave me
the courage to get four quadrants of gum grafts done (12 teeth worth of
recession) and to start my braces. I appreciate all of your videos because
you always achieve the goal you have for yourself. I am a Registered
Veterinary Technician, but I also have a window washing business on the
side. Your video that talked about how to hand out flyers for lawn care was
easily adopted to my business and has lead to great gains. . . so great
that wife and I are under contract on our first house. Keep up the bad ass
work FREAK!

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William Bee —

You from Illinois?

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sprice1984 —

great vid freak me and my wife have been contemplating this since last
summer i think im gonna start this buisness this spring thanks for the

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