Improving Your Front Yard

Renovating your front yard can feel like a big project, but it is one well worth the effort. Not only does it make your home more pleasant and increase curb side appeal, but it also increases the value of a home, should you want to resell it in the future. Given the size of the task you will, most likely need the assistance of a construction company. Before you go looking for a contractor you should have an idea of what you would like to do.

Your creativity may be constricted by the size of the yard, but there are many additions that can be made to even the smallest of properties. Stone walkways and rock gardens tend to lend an appeal to a home, as do low stone walls. If you have the room you may consider a small pond, or even try for a hanging garden effect. Maybe you just want something simple, and pleasant that requires little upkeep. You imagination and the skill of your contractors are the only real limit to what you can do.

Masonry and paving are equally useful ways of improving the appearance of your front yard. After all, having an even driveway and maintained walkways are just as important as keeping your lawn trimmed. Installing a brick or flagstone path to your front steps can bring timeless appeal to your home, while also adding to the general functionality of your property. When starting front yard renovations, it is also a good idea to reevaluate your siding. This can dramatically increase the visual appeal of your home, especially when undertaken while making other changes to your front yard, like installing paths or gardening.

When adding curb appeal, it is important to think of the front of your home as a complete package. That means including siding, roofing, the lawn, pathways, the driveway, etc. Maximizing the beauty and utility of each of these areas can dramatically increase the value of your home, so do not be afraid to consider expanding your front yard renovation to include these renovation projects.

The first thing many people will need to do is level the yard out. This involves bringing in top soil, and then raking it smooth. While you may be able to complete the leveling process by yourself, you will almost undoubtedly need a construction company to bring in the soil itself to prepare your yard for gardening. Leveling not only gives you a flat canvas to start your work on, but it also helps prevent rain water from gathering in areas, which can interfere with the project.

At this stage you may want to insert any plants or stonework. The fresh topsoil makes the perfect surface to lay these items in. It is soft enough to easily dig for plants, set down the boundaries of walk ways, and other preliminary steps for major alterations. This will save time in the long run as you won’t be trying to dig through hard packed sod.

Once the yard is leveled and the plants are set down, many people will want to go with sod pallets to finish the job. Not only do they save time over using grass seed, but they will secure the topsoil in place much quicker than growing grass will. Sod will also stop any passing rain showers from turning your yard into a giant mud puddle. The aid of a contractor is advised as you may not have the time or ability to transport and lay a ton or more of sod. Once the pallets are down, the edges can be cut away near plants and walkways for a nice, even look.

Given the size of the job, and the large amounts of materials needed a construction company is almost a requirement. They will be able to obtain the supplies at better rates, and get the job done in a fair amount of time. They can also advise you in your ideas, and make better informed judgments on what will work best for your property, giving your home a unique look.

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