Installing A New Lawn With Turf

Whether you hope for a green lawn where there hasn’t been one previously or you desire to replace an old and neglected lawn, choosing turf to provide the lawn is a convenient and cost efficient route.

When picking out your turf you first need to look at the area you live in. The type of turf that grows best in one part of the country will differ from the turf Doncaster appreciates. Turfs are split up into two categories, cool-season and warm-season species.  This is crucial information when beginning the process of putting in a lawn or garden because different kinds of grasses react or live better in different areas. For warmer and humid places you would want to have the types of grasses that appreciate that weather. And colder areas will need different kinds of grass to withstand the weather. The turf supplier in Doncaster can help you identify the right choice of turf for your yard or application.

To start the process of laying down your new turf, that you have had expertly chosen, you will want to remove any old grass that is on the targeted patch of land. Once this has been done, you will need to prepare the open ground. This will require smoothing and leveling any rough areas and may require a layer or two of quality topsoil. You wouldn’t want to replace your lawn only to discover that the soil conditions weren’t going to promote growth. When the turf arrives you will start rolling it out making sure the edges touch. You will want to keep rolling out the grass until all the land is covered. You will want to have the new turf to extend a little past the borders of the area being covered so that you can go back and trim it up. After you trim it up, you will want to water your new turf. This process can be tedious and is labor intensive. It may be well worth your time to hire the turf Doncaster supplier to install the new lawn for you.

After you have layed your new turf, you want to take care of it until it has been able to root itself into the ground. For example, you don’t want to walk on your new turf until it has rooted itself. The rooting part of the process could take a couple of weeks, so make sure you don’t walk on it for a while. The turf Doncaster supplier will also have a schedule for watering and perhaps fertilizing for your convenience.

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