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masiwa comorya —

And they ´re still living in povrety. It ´s a shame. If kenyatta was alive,
the coast would be a better place.

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Odis Kamata —

Very sad, after all the interaction with the Great man and all the meetings
they still live in poverty.Where are the much talked about “fruits of

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Peter M —

toboa yote anakaa concubine but seems hakuzaa naye

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Bjay —

Wastage of news viewing time..!

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Bjay —

Concubine wake

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Karuitha II —

Coastal women especially the Giriamas have the capability to make a man
keep going back for more. It seems it was not just kaimatis that took the
mzee there.

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kane9522 —

Even though I’ve been back to the Philippines several times, I don’t think
I ever saw it the same way you did, with that amazing sense of wonder and
excitement at seeing clear water beaches and riding jeepneys. But I do know
what it’s like to reconnect with family that you’ve only ever met as a tiny
child so I really enjoyed this video in particular. It has certainly made
me want to go to the Philippines again :) Salamat, Ate Christine!

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prothrowbacks —

Christine, awesome stuff, let me know if you ever visit the Clark area.

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Jocey Bartolome —

WOW!!!!!! My Family recently recreated an old family picture. I wonder if
all phillipino’s are like this

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PrettyPinay11 —

I would also donate $1,000,000,000,000,000

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john vollrath —


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castawayds —

@73Corbin You have a wild imagination… or is it just a high level of
hatred who doesn’t kiss up to those who stand on the shoulders of others?
WHY would I be jealous of someone being raised in the U.S.? The world knows
how rude and insulting Americans can be, as shown by the comments here by
those who can not tolerate different opinions. By the way, don’t call my
family cheating, lying, stealing, murdering OR extorting. We are a
Christian family that practices none of those traits.

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David A. —

@castawayds it’s her video for her audience. You seem to have a real chip
on your shoulder! How someone can come up with such a negative spin on a
positive video is amazing.

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m —

how could someone dislike this video? its so heartwarming and touching. :)

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czarina marie corpuz —

how sweet naman T_T

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Tique07 —

Caribou is completley different. It’s a deer in North America. What you’re
riding is a water buffalo. Caribao is the Tagalog word for it.

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neu167 —

Where r the other eps??

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Alexandra Kyrk —

i’m half pinay and my mother never taught me visaya. that’s sad.. now i’m
pregnant and i said that i want my children to speak filipino and polish
and swedish (live in sweden but my husband is polish) but she didn’t agree
and she said that it’s better to comunicate in english.

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ennaog1 —

@mmannozzi06 region 3 luzon

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mmannozzi06 —

@gardonasta Im a little late replying but I now have a girlfriend and she
is from Visayas and was born in Sa Carlos City. God Bless You and hpe all
is well!

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osprey380 —

Let me guess, you are an Obama lefty democrat who hates America and who
thinks all Americans are arrogant! Get a life.

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Noura Ghannam —

sooooo preeeeetty! this is from the guy who cant stop eating pork rinds? jk

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castawayds —

@cowgirl9630 Why did I take the time to comment? Simple: its called TRUTH.
She uses the backdrop of the Philippine culture to glorify herself. The
self-glorification and ‘me me me’ arrogance was far too obvious to not say
something about it. Who cares about who she is, her life is not a public
issue. If she REALLY CARED about anything besides herself, she would have
stayed out of the pictures and let the Filipinos be the TRUE stars of the
show. Once again, American arrogance at its best.

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Jean Diza —

Yeah you now what sucks more? My auntie and her siblings came to Hawaii
while her mom stayed behind. One thing that I know is that her OWN KIDS
NEVER DID send money to her. Not even when she needed them for her own
medication. Her own kids basically IGNORED her and doesnt even bother to
visit her.

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TheOrangelover101 —

this made me cry :’) im glad you had a good time there :)

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443Melrose —

this is the first time i saw your video! im crying right now! im so touched
by this video! im a filipina, and im proud of you, thats how Filipino value
their family and culture!

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castawayds —

@jurbinsky77 Do you all worship this woman? Americans come to the
Philippines all the time, often misinterpreting our hospitality as
something to take advantage of but not give back in return. This was the
case of this woman’s video. If you are all offended that she was called out
on it, then thats an issue you’ll have to deal with your own ego. I know
Americans are prone to complain and can’t cope with criticism. We tolerate
rude Americans all the time. Is it too much to ask for respect?

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Channel13 Production's —

poor u when watching the vid didnt even relise how emotional i was my is
from india but my mum or mom is scottish so sad rite now im greeting or
crying :,( im so sorry for u as like me ya never gotta see what it was like

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Juliene Nguyen —

I cried :( i miss my family in philippines :(

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itsnotaboutme —

It’s so sad that some pinoy families who lived in the US and had kids would
not teach them how to speak in tagalog or their native dialect anymore. And
they don’t recognize to them how they lived in the Philippines before they
came to the US. They don’t even bother to encourage them to visit the
Philippines. They want their kids to be “americanized” So sad! But
Christine, we are so proud of you. You will be Blessed with your kind &
beautiful heart for our country :)

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vaneesoprano —

awww…this made me cry. So touching. :-)

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