Killing And Keeping Weeds Out Of Your Lawn

Killing And Keeping Weeds Out Of Your Lawn Learn how to kill weeds with chemicals and natural non chemical method…
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Mr Eighty —

People are always trying to kill weeds. Are there people who actually try
to grow weeds?

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andrew goodill —

Hi those saying u shouldn’t kill weeds obviously dont have a lawn,to take
care of and lots of it 37hectars to be exact u lot should be on the organic
hippy site not here wasting ur time, thanx for the heads up to the rest of
u with some interesting ideas,as for Lee Baldwin LMAO 

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MJ Wilson —

Would smash that girl at 0:17

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Wise Student —

The answer is simple….Go to the source of the weeds, The lazy ,rude
neighbors that wont control there weeds and let the seeds blow into your
yard !!!

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Kevin Hodgert —

where can I get one of those wick wipers

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illuminayted —

hate this fuckers accent. 

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Kurt Borglum —

Nice tutorial!

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Ehlinger Lawn Services —

Watch this video to lean how to keep #weeds out of your lawn. This video
shows ways to kill weeds both organically and with chemicals. #LawnCare 

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