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Late winter 2nd best time for lawn grass seeding
If, however, you already have a fairly good bluegrass lawn, you should over-seed with bluegrass, not fescue. Don't mix the two. Do a soil test right away (free through your local Kentucky county Extension Service Office) to determine the exact lime and …

What months of the year should the lawn be treated?
Edge provides the best possible solution for lawns including everything from the products to the service schedule. The service includes a year round complete lawn care plan that will help the lawn transform and remain in optimal condition. Edge …
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Neil Sperry: Lawn care basics for spring
Just about everywhere I turned in the past week, folks were asking about the timing of their spring lawn care projects and whether they ought to be moved ahead because of our atypically warm weather. But if you've … Good contractors know how to do that.
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Kearney communities offer great value and free club membership
Exterior design features encompass low-maintenance vinyl siding with stone and stucco facades, decks, patios and in-ground sprinkler systems. The homeowners association operates the in-ground sprinkler system and pays for watering and lawn care …
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