Lawn Aeration Let Your Lawn Breathe

The beauty of a home doubles when you have a lush green lawn. A healthy and attractive lawn definitely lends charm to your entire property and it truly is a centrepiece. If you have a beautiful garden, then a well maintained lawn will add to its overall charm. Many estate brokers are of the opinion that a well maintained lawn will help you get that extra bit, when you want to sell your property.

Maintaining a beautiful and aesthetic lawn calls for hard work and you need to invest your time and efforts. There are some simple things or tips that will help your lawn remain healthy and breathe enough air. aeration of lawn is a very important factor that contributes to a healthy and green lawn. Aerating your lawn is nothing but helping the soil to get enough air, sunshine and requisite nutrients. Many gardeners or lawn owners use the aeration of lawn technique. This technique involves punching of small holes in the soil. Once this procedure is completed, the grass roots become healthier and stronger, thanks to the sunshine, water and oxygen reaching them.

Lawns which slowly start getting affected from thatch need lawn aeration. Similarly, when the grass starts becoming pale and straw like, aeration is required. If you are going to do the aeration of lawn all by yourself, then you will require basic lawn aeration products like aerator shoes, pair of moulds. You just have to wear these shoes and walk on the lawn. The spikes then make small holes in the soil. These shoes may also be worn during normal gardening, as it helps loosen the soil and aerating the grass. Gardens suffering from minor thatch problems can be rectified by using the above technique which is simple, but if there are major problems, then you may have to check out for core aeration of lawn techniques.

Check out for core lawn aeration techniques wherein big plugs of soil are removed from the ground. When this is done, plenty of air, water and sunlight enter the soil and the roots become stronger. This type of core aeration of lawn also helps the lawn to become healthier in the future. Lawn aeration is a must do for every lawn as it helps in easy movement of water, air and nutrients to the base soil. Generally, annual aeration of lawn is more than sufficient for keeping the soil healthy. Those of you, who live closer to warmer areas, need to go in for lawn aeration during the late springs.

Summers are not the ideal time for aeration of lawn. Check out with the lawn care experts, if you are not confident about the actual process. They are professionals who will be able to guide you correctly. Last but not the least; when your lawn starts showing tell tale signs like the fertilised grass not becoming green, it is time to do the needful.

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