Lawn Care And Easy Lawn Maintenance

Lawn is the first part of your property that gets most of the attention. Getting a perfect lawn is not as important as getting a beautiful lawn. Efficient lawn care and gardening techniques can transfer your premises into an amazing sight. You need not refer to your neighbor’s lawn while planning your own. Each lawn has its own character and style and your best bet is to make it seem as unique as possible.

Lawns that house verdant gardens and flower trees are regarded with great admiration and the planners who design them become famous for their work. Choosing a style or theme for your lawn is important if you need a unique and attractive lawn. Theme based lawns are interesting to plan and work upon. Lawns that do not sport anything special may not keep the owner engaged for long. Consequently, this also affects the quality of the lawn care. So, by all means, planning a lawn with unique characteristic features is the best way to begin with or amend your present lawn care. For instance, you can plan to have an old farm styled lawn. They are usually covered with untamed shrubs, grasses and weeds. They look less artificial and less man-made and inevitably attractive.

Planning and getting started is just a small part. The real challenge lies with proper maintenance of the lawn. The health and youth of your lawn depends on how well you care for it.

As a systematic step you should always make a list of things that needs to be changed, added or eliminated from your lawn. This will make rest of your planning and implementation easier and more precise. Each and every plant or flowering shrub or orchid you buy for your lawn should match the theme of your lawn as well as its soil.

For instance, if you want a bright looking lawn choose colorful flowers but if you want good coverage then choose more bushy plants that grow in good volumes. Make sure that you do not house plants or shrubs that are harmful for the rest of the foliage in your lawn. Plants like black medics, yellow clovers and dandelions may look attractive but are not sound for the alkalinity of your lawn.

Before planting grass on your lawn, find out the most common varieties found in your location and also the best one suited for the soil and weather conditions. For instance, lawns belonging to northern states sustain well on cool season grasses.

Lawn aeration is an often ignored feature that leaves most lawns dry and withering. Aeration is the level of air or oxygen that carries life to the soil, roots and microbes living beneath the soil. Proper aeration keeps food and water absorption well balanced and intact.

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