Lawn Care : How to Take Care of a Bald Spot in Your Lawn

A bald spot on a lawn is often caused by an animal, but it can be fixed by cleaning the area and preparing the soil properly. Find out how to use lime to bri…

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pfoetida —

“It doesn’t matter how much lime you use” Ha ha ha ha ha ha

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Margin Walker —

Pretty sure those were mole dens, judging by that huge trail you didn’t

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damietria Hill —

where did you get that rake I want one of those man that really got the dry
grass out

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Djjsbishjebjjejsjdin —

Hey man thanks for the advice,now take my advice get some exercise your
breathing is way too heavy!! 

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Veronica Lee —

LOL! Your head. That was funny

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becky gomez —

I tried this & I must say it worked thank you

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Carlo D —

What type of grass is that? Fescue?

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Eddie Duffy —

Thank you dan. You are a good teacher

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Jamie Sykes —

Can u come to England and sort my garden out……………

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Joseph Zuraski II —

Doesn’t matter how much lime you use? Can I use a spreader machine to toss
it around the balds raked up? I have mountains of bald spots.

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laubeatz —

thanks for the video! good learning about the lime

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Eric L —

Thanks for these helpful tips!

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carrie schambers —

thank u for sharing

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John Hall —

I love the end of this video! A great humble man.

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Custom Gardens —

Here’s a video about how to take care of bald spots on your lawn! Check it
out! What has worked for you?

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