Lawn Care, Part 1: Evaluation & Preparation

Lowe’s covers the basics of lawn maintenance in this video series, starting with evaluating and preparing your yard. For more lawn care tips, visit http://lo…

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arbornomics —

Taking care of a lawn may seem like it’s a lot of work. Yet, the rewards
more than justify the amount of effort we put into them.

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Matthew Staller —

I like mike Kraft 

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North Perth Lawn Mowing —

Maintaining lawn is one of our responsibility as a owner. Cut grass
regularly and don’t wait a couple of months just to think they’re not tall.
Just set a date and maintain it regularly to obtained peaceful living.

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Jacob Rawson —

The are cool video

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Drew Lansman —

could the herbecide stay in the soil and damage the new grass

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Carter Harris —

This gives me good ideas.

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Olivia Schonewise —

I like how you can print off the sheets, very handy

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Nolan Petty —

anyone know what kind of grass this is at :41?

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kycruisecrazy —

What lawn? only thing to get it green is rain right now.

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gehli003 —

lol, He has a riding mower for his 10 foot lawn!

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Robert Simpson —

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LawnCareBoston —

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