Lawn Care Tips : How to Level Uneven Spots in a Lawn

Level uneven spots in a lawn by putting down a mixture of sand and compost, raking the area until it is level and allowing the area to settle for awhile. Rep…

The wide BMS Levelawns (or Lutes) have been designed for use on fine flat turf areas, such as bowling greens, cricket pitches, croquet lawns, lawn tennis cou…
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Skidaddle J —

Sorry pal but that is not a lawn more like a weed patch.

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Robert Hardy —

So…he TALKS about how it is done……right. Was looking for visual aids

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John Smith —

“Orange sand” must be a technical term. Can someone translate?

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Joe Nash —

Our whole lawn is uneven. Should I cover the entire thing? It’s also on a
bit of a hill so would be worried about any of the stuff put down being
washed downhill in rain.

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shaun jesko —

what is composte

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absoluteanatomy1 —

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North Perth Lawn Mowing —

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Arbor-Nomics Turf, Inc. —

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9873459872134234a —

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