Lawn Mowing

Lawn mowing is an important part of the lawn care and by following the regular lawn care regimens we can improve the overall health of the grass and the appearance of our lawns. Lawn mowing appears a simple task to talk about but is not as easy as it is considered. The first thing about lawn mowing that is that you should tune your lawn mower much before it’s the grass cutting season. Many a times the blades need to be changed and sharpened to make the cutting of the grass possible. After you have done all the necessary stuff and you are ready to mow the grass power up the mower with the gas. If you have a manual lawn mower you may need more than one person to pull it.

The rule of the thumb in cutting the grass is that never cut it too short !!!! Many people just cut it too short to avoid cutting it very often. This is not the right strategy because the grass blades contain chlorophyll that is essential for the absorption of light to make the food for the plant. If the grass is cut too short the amount of the food production will be less and the overall health of the grass will be affected. Also as a result of this insult the grass tries to consume more nutrients as a compensatory mechanism. When this happens the grass will not receive adequate requirements and will wither away. If you live in a dry region, then too short grass will allow the moisture from the soil to escape very easily developing the ill effects. This will in turn allow a lot of weeds to grow competing with the grass and instead of having a neat, tidy short grass carpet you will develop a weedy base which will look uglier than it would otherwise have been.

The next thing you will consider is than how long should be the grass blade length. The simple answer is allow your grass to grow till it makes an even growth of about three inches and then when you cut it allow one inch of the grass to stay back. Make a schedule of cutting the grass at least twice a week or after every five days. When you leave an adequate length of the grass blade above the ground, the grass has enough chlorophyll to mend and heal itself and thus the growth is better. However when it is the end of the spring you can consider cutting the grass below the minimum recommendation so that it dries off easily before the winter and does not produce a large amount of thatch.When you are cutting the grass you should dump the clippings in the soil to work as the fertilizer for the remaining grass. Also never cut the moist grass because the grass blades when moist easily slip past the lawn mower and does not produce an even cut. On the other hand due to moist soil, the grass becomes slush with the soil and increases the amount of thatch.

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