Lawn Service Methods 101

Ol’ JW shows us how to mow a lawn, and offers us some helpful tips along the way. Including edging, trimming and clean up. Thinking about starting a lawn ser…

Benefits of Core Aeration -- Lawn Care Tips & Techniques

Find out more about core aeration at Core aeration is an important part of maintaining the health and happiness of your lawn. In…

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Ethan's Lawn Service —

How long did this yard take you

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Donald Long —

your good at cutting good man

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MrJustDIY —

Great video for me as I’m just getting into the lawn care business this
year but starting off small.

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Nathan Hayden —

Nice video, and great job mowing! I love that mower & engine; I have owned
three TORO/Suzuki push-mower combos and currently have two. Those PROLINE
recyclers mulch amazingly well.

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D12caterpillar —

i dont have a chevy nor can i find that exact mower on craigslist! my
business will never be great!! lol

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A truck to get you from point A to point B with a push mower, weed-eater,
leaf blower and water will get you a long ways.. craigslist is the next
generation of door to door knocking. Saves time and money. Surpasses the
problem of no payouts from knocking on doors. Remember your customers see
the finished project. So treat everyone’s lawn like you would your own. How
you treat their lawns is how the customers treat you. 

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Sheds Direct —

How long you have been in the lawn service? You really did a great job in
mowing the lawn as well as the edging and trimming. Your equipment’s are
fast doers and I believe that using a high quality equipment will make the
work easy. Nice one!

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Ivan Lopez —

You earn your beer.. 

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that was awesome. love the video

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Kevin Johnson —

Well GD i’m holding a camera! LOL

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Peter Sab —

Why am I thinking “Hank Hill” ??

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nicamusik22 —

It looks like you take great care of your equipment they turn on rite away 

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cid woody —

No lawn clippings? 

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Rob DiTeodoro —

Hey man, my 2 year old is totally obsessed with lawnmowers and this video
is his favorite haha. Prolly watched this start to finish 10 times this
week. It also works to calm him down when he’s upset. Props on your video
editing skills as well. Peace.

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Pro1er —

Nice camera work!

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arbornomics —

It’s not enough to just mow the lawn, but upkeep, weeding, and many other
things are needed and this is a helpful video to start this process.

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James Jensen —

Haha great video! I love those toro 2 cycles just like JW Said: Great power
and light weight. You ever find one with a BBC on it? I have one but the
engine is shot from the 90’s I am going to replace it this winter. 

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giantpaws —

Love it!

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Carlos Gomez —

you might think to your self that’s more than 6″ hes got there well “GOD

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FnesSnorlx —

very good video, I’m starting my own business, however, I’m lacking on
having an edger.

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John Hanrahan —

O’l JW – Did you do some voice over work on a recent DQ add? I’m in Austin
and heard one that sounded like you. Thanks for this video!

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Nervjiggy —

Hank Hill up in this bitch

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Jahziel Escalona —

Thank you for taking the time to to make this video I really enjoyed it and
learn alot from watching ha your a bad ass workers!!!!:)

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jeff carlsworth —

the pink sweaty shirt just screams of machismo. nice job

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sk14825 —

I run a lawn business and a Chevy Silverado is what I use. It is the only
kinda truck for a lawn business!

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arbornomics —

Thank you for explaining that the best times to aerate a lawn is dependent
upon the geographic location. This is sometimes misunderstood.

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Michael Kirk —

where can I buy one of those aerators??!! thank you

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zach mailhot —

I had my lawn Aerated a week ago by Spring Green and got a good rain a few
days later. Already seeing improvements!!! Thank you Spring Green!!! Im
satisfied so far!!!

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erik hickey —

should you rake up the plugs left behind?

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racelegaltv —

In most of California, you can aerate YEAR ROUND, because of the very mild
weather changes.

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405TunerZ —

Thanks for the video. I been looking to add this to my lawn service but
wasn’t sure how and what it was until now.

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Louis L'Amour —

No you shouldn’t! The plugs contain the microorganisms that help break down
the thatch layer. The plugs should dissolve after a few rainfalls, or you
can water your lawn and they will dissolve.

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l3ackfire —

Great video. Very helpful information, composed very professionally. Good

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rubberlettuce —

are you sure about this?

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