Maintaining a Healthy Lawn

Tips from Paul James, The Gardener Guy, on maintaining a healthy lawn.
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How to Maintain a Lawn Mower - This Old House

This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook and host Kevin O’Connor share tips for keeping your mower running smoothly all summer long. (See below for a s…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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bg147 —

I hate the lawnmowers that must tipped to empty the oil. They never seem to
drain fully. Every machine should have a drain plug on the bottom but I
assume this feature adds to the cost of production.

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Andrew Miguelez —

Everything but the “dirty” spark plugs need replacing bit was accurate

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Dennis Miles —

I find the carburetors get gummed up because of fuel evaporation so i shut
off the supply and let the engine run dry. also the engines only last two
or three years so I replace the engine with an electric motor and battery
and those last 5 to 10 years.

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John Smith —

There are far too many a’s and not enough r’s in this clip.

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kperellie —

I’m very surprised they didn’t talk about sharpening and balancing the
blades. That’s a crucial part of the performance of any mower. That being
said, if you can find a supplier that sells non-ethanol high octane gas,
you should buy and use it. I have never drained or run my mowers dry but I
do add and run a stabilizer through the mower. I use a product called Sea
Foam. There is the gas additive and they also have a spray lubricant and
both work extremely well. I’ve never had a problem with Spring startup and
here in Vt, it’s could be a good six months or longer between the last fall
and first spring mowing. You should also change your oil about every 20
hours of use and sharpen the blade the same time. It’s amazing how quick
they can dull. 

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Nick Corello —

shounds good nice video

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Porsche924Tim —

One thing they did not mention… storing gas for that mower. Today’s gas
usually has at least 10% ethanol which absorbs water from the atmosphere.
Add a treatment like “Sta-bil for Ethanol” when storing gas and you will
cut down on some starting problems with all power equipment (and boat
engines too). Water in the gas will make the engine hard to start and run

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I will, thanks

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weedram —

I actually just did these things today. I also sharpened the blade.

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Charles Damery —

And store it in a dry place, not a damp basement or shed.

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joe vanvalkenburg —

sharpen & balance the blade

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GlorybetoGOD7 —

adjust the kanooter valve.

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