Maintenance for Lawn Care Tools : How to Clean Your Gas Lawn Mower

Your gas lawn mower can build up a layer of debris from fuel and your lawn. Clean your gas lawn mower with this free video presented by a gardening professio…
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David Miller —

How about this 1. Remove boot from spark plug. 2.POWER WASH IT!! much safer
better job. 3. Shut off fuek valve. 4.REMOVE BLADE!! SHARPEN IT! Scrap
deck. 5. Slap blade on. 6. Turn on fuel add a seafoam protects gas AND
cleans your carb. 6. Add spark plug grease attach to. Plug to boot. 2 years
experience professional service. Need more help look up Miller Lawn and
power Marion Oh 

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gale212 —

This is what I do and I usually enjoy a cigarette as I clean.

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Maria Meehan —

In a suit? Seriously?

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Hector Aregullin —

nice, the only thing missing is removing the spark plug. I use old gas that
has gone bad or in question to clean engine parts. I wouldn’t do it my lawn
just in case some spilled. I wouldn’t want a dead spot in my yard. However
a very helpful Video.

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MrFreedomandliberty —

Ladies and gents, the worlds most stupid person. This guy can’t be serious

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Guy Garic —

uh theres a thing called mineral spirits. no wonder pollution and gas
pprices are flying!!!!

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Guy Garic —

this is the stupidest how-to ive ever seen

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jeffer son —

outtakes: ‘aziz ansari look alike spotted at ER with missing fingers’


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andrew b —


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getyourkicksagain —

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ericspeeder20226789 —

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Shantel Freeman-Askew —

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