Mowing Small Businesses = Big Money How To Lawn Care

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ontarioknivesNS7 —

I mow a farm in my area with 45+ acres of grass to mow and I use a 60″ bush
hog zero turn and a 57hp 4wd farm tractor with a 11ft batwing finish mower.
The guy that owns it likes to keep it lookin like a golf course so I mow it
once every 5 days or so, depending on how often it rains, sometimes sooner
but I was curious if you’ve ever had the opportunity to mow large lot like
this or do you prefer to stick with smaller lots? 

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Ty Siharat —

This man cool as hell… 

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Ken Heller —

Thank you for the helpful video. I am looking forward to giving this a try
this year!

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TheGAme ShOwzz —

why cant you leave flyers in the mail box ?

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Tommy Anderson —

you should get a Riding zero turn toro, there really good! i’m 13 and i can
drive them, there also fun :)

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jose gallo —

Good advice for the newbees i own my own business over 200 propeeties per
week in L.A and i started on my own hustling and carrying tools on a car.
Lol but now i got employees and doing installations. All the extra in fact
come from the same customers. I offer everything i can do so no other
company shows up cause they will evntually try and talk the owner on taking
your account

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Rednecks For Jesus —

Thank you very much for the wisdom. We want to start a mowing service here
in Florida. We are nervous, but we are willing. Also we are not real sure
how to charge. Thank you again and keep up the awesome help your giving

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Josh Wallie —

Its really awesome how you work so hard to build everyone’s confidence and
pass advice.
Thank you

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Love God Love People —

who is your insurance with?

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Danny Smith —

Nice work man! I noticed you pay attention to the little things like
blowing out the edging instead if blowing the clippings into the edging,
not making a mess… Things like that. I know those big mowers can really
make a mess. I do like that chute adjuster tho, never seen one of those.
Where did u get it???
Also noticed you generally trim before you mow, I always like to trim last
personally… It just seems like you do less trimming that way. I also
don’t see how you use that guard on the stihl! Lol I hate guards on
trimmers. That yard did look damn good tho after u were done with it. Good
box-edging. Keep the vids up freak! Quality goes a long way and it’s
obvious you do good quality work. Ever think about getting you a helper and
piking up more lawns a little further out from ur house? Sorry bro, I could
ramble on about lawn care all day long!!! Lmao

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andrew b —

Do you arsk if you can fim the peoples yards,
You make such good videos keep it up.can you do a video on pooper plz that
would be cool

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attackRus —

How come you string trim before you mow? I mow, string trim, edge, then
blow the debris. Am I doing something wrong?

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Devin Malloy —

This is yy I watch u over everyone else cause today I commented could u
post more lawn care stuff and u did see u really care about the people
watching this and that mean a lot to us. 

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Justin Parker —

i went from 140 too 152 in a week and i also picked up some car yards and
some hotel/motels like you said it is possible people need too stop
thinking and wondering and just get out there i make good money and i am
the boss 

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Handy Dandy Lawn Care —

do you have to have a license to do small businesses

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Small Business & Fitness —

Something to keep in mind when going to commercial jobs, don’t forget to
figure in your trimming! This job he’s doing looks pretty small but i’ll
make a video where i have to trim and edge over 500 feet both ways and on
both sides of the street. Talk about brutal lol

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Michael Nguyen —

Good advise, this will apply to every jobs out there not just for lawn
mowing business.

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Vinnie Pantoja —

I can’t wait to start really making videos like these! Only have one so far

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Gerry's Green Landscaping —

Geektofreek the usps called me to tell me not to leave any flyers in the
mail boxes I did not know I can’t do that so they said this was just a
warning but next time they will charge me. What’s the best way to charge
some one. I have bus snipes cards from vista get 200 cards for
10.00. Thanks for your helpful vids keep up good work.

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tommydukes —

Nice video!

You made a little type on your transition graphic….I think you meant to
put “endless opportunities” instead of “unless opportunities”

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Wilson lawn service —

I’ve done all the things you said but I still can’t get but a couple of
lawns so what do I do?

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Geek To Freak Fitness & Lawn Care —

How To Make Big Money Cutting Small Lawns with Small Mowers Lawn Care

How To Get a Nice Lawn Back in Shape Properly ( Mowing Trimming Raking
Blowing )

How To Do A First Cut Of The Season Lawn Care Service

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I started a plumbing company and did just what you said. I looked for nice
lawns and figured that if they spent the money to keep up the lawn they
would pay there plumbing bill on time.

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Great advice as always Freak!
As a business owner you have to just go and talk to as many potential
customers as possible.
Always do your best at each property, that is a powerful sales tool. 

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Mike Stone —

Just wanna say i appreciate all the information you share about the lawn
care business. I live in St. Louis (Dellwood) and I to do lawn care. I’ve
watched several of you videos and find myself going to your channel with i
wanna know something about the business. I was wondering if at all
possible, if you could make a video just on how to stripe. I have a 52″
Lesco belt driven, and i can’t seem to get my stripes beautiful like i
sometimes see. Don’t know if its the mower or my technique. And lastly do
you have any large sized commercial properties? 2acres or more? and if so
what or how would you charge the business? Thanks again for all you do for
our profession..

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