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Organic lawn care is a smart decision, but there are other things you can do to make sure your organic lawn grows healthy. Here are some tips for organic law… Organic lawn care tips: How to grow a green lawn organically You don’t have to use chemicals to get a lush,…
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armaan auluck —

Which grass seed did you use on your lawn?

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Miriam Gamble —

How do you make it green again apply fertilizer 

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Miriam Gamble —

In the summer my grass dies some grass are still there what will help me
grow that dead grass back 

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Kyle Dearth —

Grass seed in the spring is typically not a great ideal, unless you have an
irrigation system. The grass doesn’t have time to grow deep roots before
the summer heat sets in and therefore less likely to survive. The hybrid
approach is great. I would encourage folks to conduct yearly soil test.
Typically at the beginning of the season. It will show what areas of the
soil are deficient. It’s the best $20 you’ll ever spend on a yard. No
amount of fertilizer organic or synthetic can account for deficiencies in
certain areas.

Also chemical aeration is a much better alternative to
mechanical. Disturbing the soil by pulling up plugs will encourage weeds.
You can make chemical mixtures very cheap and they are easy to apply. Plus
they add beneficial microbes to the soil. I can a drive a 12″ screwdriver
all the way into the ground very easily and I’ve never used a aerating

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Steve Sherron —

Well I like the idea of a hybrid organic lawn because I want to keep
chemicals in my lawn to a minimum. Thanks Al for another great lawn care
video. Now if it will just warm up so I can get back outside and start
messing with my yard. I never thought I would miss weed-eating so bad. 

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TheKokojoe —

Hi Alan, What is your opinion on organic pre-emergers? I’ve never used
them, and have long since stopped the use of synthetic/chemical
pre-emerger, but I’ve read a few comments and articles that say they don’t
work or they take a few years to actually see some results.

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Miriam Gamble —

Thank you very much

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Allyn Hane —

Well I like the idea of a hybrid organic lawn because I want to keep
chemicals in my lawn to a minimum. Thanks Al for another great lawn care
video. Now if it will just warm up so I can get back outside and start
messing with my yard. I never thought I would miss weed-eating so bad. 

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The Lawn Care Nut —

Organic Lawn Care Basids – a few things to consider if you are going
natural or organic in your lawn plan.

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Joey Alvy —

Can’t wait to get my lawn green in spring. 

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BoolPool —

How to grow a green lawn organically? Here is a really nice video.

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JJ Bones —

You shouldn’t get weeds if you’re treating the lawn soil properly with the
right microbes. Weeds are a product of a diseased or de-mineralized soil.
They actually have a purpose and are also a sign of improper soil food web.

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GardenDocSC —

Beckman, you are, simply, wrong. Synthetic fertilizers do not bind to the
soil, and run off or leach through the ground. An organic 3-1-5 will do a
better and longer lasting job. The microbes in your soils will utilize it
better. What good is 28% N if 95% of it ends up in the local rivers or
aquifers. And Nacho, the reason he recommends a taller grass is that it
shades out/chokes out weeds. Go look at videos from OrganicTexas. They
explain it all perfectly.

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Mike Tonon —

correction; every lawn needs TO GET NUTRIENTS, it doesn’t necessarilly need
to be fertalized by you.

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wolfmother8719 —

@winnipeguy75 Clover? that sounds wonderful to have an lawn of that instead
of grass, but I thinking of turning my front lawn into an mini orchard,
which takes care of two things our food budget and the effort and time use
spent on lawn up keep, mmmh

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winnipeguy75 —

@wolfmother8719 I am a HUGE advocate of using “lawn space” to grow food
instead. Good for you!! Upkeep on a mini orchard will still be work (maybe
even more so than a lawn) but all that work gives you ten times more. Where
we have lawn (for our kids to play) is about 50% clover. We edge all our
side walks with marigold (repels mosquitos) and swiss chard (great as a
spinach substitute). Our “flower beds” are all herbs and edible flowers.
Anything not eaten by us is taken care of by the chickens.

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SinnFein4ever —

I water my lawn for twenty minutes, just after sunset. If you water your
lawn durring the day, some of that water will evaporate from the heat;
thus, wasting water. I keep the tree branches pruned; so that they don’t
cut off too much of the sunlight. I use manure to fertilize mine. Whatever
kind of fertalizer you may use, don’t use corn. In the U.S., corn and
corn-derived products are ussually from Monsanto (I learned about Monsanto
by watching the PBS documentary “King Corn”).

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bluejacket83 —

@nacholibreanglais the point is to save the environment….agreed, i keep
my lawn short. midway on the deck height

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siuwed —

You need more commercials, two minutes just isn’t enough on youtube!

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steve89z —

exc advice,exactly what i do,but this year i now have a push reel mower,no
gas,oil,and that mess! and it pushes easier than my gas one!

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mackayash —

I’m planning on starting a garden in my back yard and to fix my yard and
make it greener and “lusher” without using chemicals. I was wondering
however if I use the corn gluten meal to suppress growth of weeds, would
that also suppress growth of vegetables and flowers and the tree I plan on
growing in my yard? Thanks.

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TheHabit00 —

scott meyer is a great teacher! i learned a lot thanks howdini

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erikinhawaii —

@jamaicanvisa I just had to open my big mouth on that one…

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Kim Siever —

@luwdmke And it increases flooding problems.

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luwdmke —

@yellowbootsandsnowsh Who care as long as you don’t buy seeds that come
from Monsanto.

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ted marshall —

@erikinhawaii It could be a salt water swimming pool that is much cheaper
to maintain than a chlorinated pool. I don’t assume anything when watching
these “how to videos.”

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sandworm3 —

Scary is what people throw on their grass and have no idea or training in
the appropriate application. My yard has been chemical free for 6 years. I
am experimenting with aerating and seeding and feeding it compost. If there
is a weed here or there I don’t get up tight about it, pull some, leave
some. I would rather have a few weeds than cancer. Time to educate, it’s
shameful to be dumping poison on the grass and contaminating water, and
most that I see, their yard still looks like shit.

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Frank Wolff —

Very informative

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flavordave73 —

@cheerfulleigh Epsom salts are not actually a salt but contains Phospherous
and nitrogen. The sugar acts as a stimulant. Mix 4lbs epsom with 1lb
confectioners sugar with your regular fertilizer. Spread as usual. You can
Googlesearch that combo to see results. This combo gives a deep green lawn.
Also try a bag of organic nitrogen from home depot. Its about $12 and will
not burn your lawn. Works great.

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nacholibreanglais —

but shorter grass looks smarter and neater? cutting the grass so it still
has length will look as if it hasnt been cut? the point is???

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