Outdoor Living Landscape Design and Construction Gallery Welcome to our showcase of Outdoor Living Landscapes, a landscaping company that services the Sacramento area, including Gold Ri… Installing outdoor landscape lighting couldn’t get any easier! Hi friend, this is Jeff …
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Kama Gwożdziewicz —

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Les Lemasters —

The Portfolio lights are very cheap box store product and give quality
landscape lighting a bad reputation. Fixtures are made of plastic and
quickly become brittle in the harsh outdoor environment. With quality path
lights, the light source is unseen. These Portfolio fixtures are called
“glare bombs” and cause eye discomfort. On a side note, the steps need
railing to comply with code. 

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Jorge Castellanos —

Great video but I have to be honest, this type of installation will be fine
for couple of months before starts burning bulbs, corroding and wasting so
much energy, you need those connections to be water proof, check voltage on
every light for proper current. really like the editing on the video. 

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thurm101 —

Easy. Minimal electrical experience required.

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Aliarcid Rodriguez —

Awesome, it looks pretty easy. Thanks for posting this video. 

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Dillard Alarm Company —

Very nice video, thanks for taking the time to do this to help others.

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Jeremy McAdoo —

Been watching for a couple of months, didn’t know you were from the Burgh

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EC4400 —

Sweet! I can’t wait to try this one.

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